AGORA Senior Assessment Officer – Hargeisa, Somaliland

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AGORA Senior Assessment Officer – Hargeisa, Somaliland


Closing date: 23 Jul 2021



IMPACT Initiatives is a leading Geneva-based think-and-do tank which aims to improve the impact of humanitarian, stabilisation and development action through data, partnerships and capacity building programmes. The IMPACT team comprises specialists in coordination, data collection, management and analysis, GIS and remote-sensing.

The organisation manages several initiatives, including the AGORA Initiative. AGORA is a joint initiative of ACTED and IMPACT Initiatives founded in 2016. AGORA promotes efficient, inclusive and integrated local planning, aid response and service delivery in contexts of crisis by providing settlement-based processes and tools, in order to enable more effective and tailored aid responses. The AGORA approach is primarily intended to directly inform programmes aimed at providing recovery and stabilization of crisis-affected communities, contributing to meet their humanitarian needs, whilst promoting the re-establishment of local services and supporting local governance actors. AGORA promotes multi-sectoral, settlement-based aid planning and implementation, structured around partnerships between local, national and international stakeholders.

AGORA’s core activities include community mapping, multi-sector and area- based assessments, needs prioritisation and planning, as well as support to area-based coordination mechanisms and institutional cooperation, in order to inform humanitarian and development activities carried out by ACTED and other implementing NGOs.


This position will concentrate on a project in Somaliland rather than Somalia. However, the context of Somalia is relevant as if successful IMPACT will seek to role this project out in multiple areas across both Somaliland and Somalia.

Somalia has been experiencing a multi-layered, complex, and protracted crisis over the past three decades. Insecurity and armed conflict continues to exacerbate the effects of periodic natural disasters and climate- driven shocks, such as droughts and flooding. Somalia continues to be affected by a protracted conflict, and the combination of these two crises have exacerbated displacement trends, with an estimate of 2.6 million people now displaced from their homes. IMPACT began working in Somalia in 2012 in order to fill information gaps and to provide timely data on the humanitarian needs of displaced and vulnerable populations.

Somaliland, while relatively much more secure than neighbouring Somalia has also experienced droughts and floods and sustained food insecurity. This has led to much internal displacement resulting in large IDP populations in urban areas, specifically around Hargeisa where this project is targeted.

The compound and complex nature of the crisis continues to influence displacement patterns and constrain the availability of resources, while the presence of armed groups severely impedes the level of access and support provided by humanitarian actors. Crops have been affected by large swarms of locusts in the region in late 2019 and again in 2020. These infestations have impacted large areas of the country. In addition, in

March 2020, COVID-19 cases were confirmed in the country. This situation and the precautious steps taken to curb the spread of the virus have further complicated both the needs of households, and the ability of humanitarian agencies to respond to needs.

Due to the protracted nature of this crisis the response and donors specifically are looking for innovative, solutions to provide these IDP communities with durable solutions to their needs, that facilitate a predictable rise from the most severe levels humanitarian needs. IMPACT and ACTED are pioneering the AGORA initiative with is an area-based approach to durable solutions. This will aim to work with local actors and institutions to support IDP needs but also strengthen the communities ability to respond itself. More information on Agora can be found here.

Contract Duration: 6 months

Location: Hargeisa, Somaliland

Start date: ASAP


IMPACT is seeking an established professional with knowledge and technical expertise in implementing area- based multi-sector assessments in a development context. The ideal candidate will be eager to work in a dynamic organization with opportunities to build coordination skills whilst overseeing multi-sector assessments which inform the a multi-year development project aimed at improving local governance, particularly around socio-economic development, access to public services, and government inclusivity.

Under the supervision of the Intersectoral Unit Research Manager, the AGORA Senior Assessment Officer is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all AGORA assessments in Somalia and Somaliland.. He/she is also responsible for related coordination of logistics, partner engagement, information product drafting and project reporting.

The AGORA Assessment Officer will be responsible, with the support of the IMPACT team in-country, for:

A. Coordinating implementation of assessments in all geographical units targeted under the AGORA programme

B. Draft assessment reports and tools documenting the key steps of the research cycle

C. Share assessment results to key stakeholders

D. Provide project management and M&E capacity to the assessment component of the AGORA programme

E. Research and proposal design of future AGORA projects.

F. Support of other durable solutions projects within the REACH portfolio.

A. To coordinate implementation of all assessments in all geographical units targeted under the AGORA programme

  • Support ACTED Development programmes with research components in coordination with ACTED Project Management, Global AGORA focal points, and RRRU Management
  • Adjust research design based on inputs from ACTED, local actors, and the REACH RRRU management in accordance with IMPACT tools and templates
  • Adjust data collection strategies and tools based on research design strategy and global best practices
  • Coordinate the implementation of assessments with the support of the field manager and field team leaders
  • Identify information gaps and new areas of research to covered by the AGORA Programmes
  • Adjust data collection strategies when needed

B. Draft assessment reports and tools documenting the key steps of the research cycle

  • Design and draft research tools in coordination with RRRU Research Manager and IMPACT Global Research Team
  • Design data products in coordination with RRRU Research Manager and IMPACT Global Research Team

Ensure overall quality of outputs and adherence to standard IMPACT processes

  • Proofread assessments and other key products to be released by IMPACT
  • Provide suggestions in terms of data visualization and data communication
  • Ensure regular communication with ACTED and IMPACT HQ at critical steps of the assessments
  • Ensure tracking of all feedback provided on products

C. Share assessment results to key stakeholders

  • Draft presentations of assessments results
  • Present key findings in different forums such as local level meetings, partner meetings and national level forums
  • Suggest derivative products to communicate assessment results to wider audiences

D. Provide project management and M&E capacity to the assessment component of the REACH programme

  • Support close compliance to M&E procedures of ACTED and IMPACT
  • Provide suggestions for improving of programme monitoring practices
  • Provide inputs into programme reports and project management tools (PMF, Monthly Coordination Reports)
  • Coordinate with ACTED Project Development and Monitoring and Monitoring and Evaluation teams for reporting logframes.

The Assessment Officer will maintain the strictest confidentiality on all data collected and related processes. He/she will actively take measures to prevent the unauthorized sharing of any information and data belonging to or collected during his/her assignment.


  • Excellent academic qualifications, including a master’s degree in development economics, anthropology, political science or another relevant discipline research, evaluation, assessments, or programmes
  • Prior field experience required. Field research, M&E, or assessment experience highly desirable
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting
  • Excellent team management skills
  • Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility
  • Past experience in conflict affected regions is desirable
  • Fluency in English required, Persian/Dari language skills is an advantage
  • Ability to operation Microsoft Word, Excel and Project Management Software
  • Advanced skills in SPSS and/or R, STATA or other statistical analysis software an advantage
  • Ability to multitask with tight deadlines, on numerous research cycles
  • Ability to work independently and manage people remotely


  • Salary defined by the IMPACT salary grid; educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and performance are considered for pay bonus
  • Additional monthly living allowance
  • Free food and lodging provided at the organisation’s guesthouse/or housing allowance (depending on contract length and country of assignment)
  • Transportation costs covered, including additional return ticket + luggage allowance
  • Provision of medical, life, and repatriation insurance + retirement package
  • Past experience in managing large scale quantitative assessments desirable

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