Branding And Marketing Consultant SOW ( Remote ) – Wajir County


Branding And Marketing Consultant SOW ( Remote ) – Wajir County


Closing: May 14, 2021


Job Summary

Sanivation Profile

Sanivation is a private waste management service provider, based in Kenya, looking to improve the overall health, dignity, and environment. Sanivation designs and implements sanitation solutions around Kenya, with current operations in Naivasha, Wajir, and Malindi. One of the fundamental components in improving sanitation is behavior change. Perceptions need to be changed to realize sustainable sanitation improvements and this can be done through branding and marketing. Read more about us at

Project Overview

Sanivation was contracted by Wajir Water and Sewerage Company (WAJWASCO) to support Wajir Town in improving the dignity and perception of the human waste collection service in Wajir town, currently called the Night Soil system. To achieve this goal, Sanivation is designing a sanitation improvement plan for Wajir town that will help the community experience improved sanitation from the point of waste collection to disposal.

Wajir town is located in Wajir County in Northeastern Kenya, with a population growing at 3.2% per year (Wajir, 2018). The 2019 census noted Wajir town had a population of 101,247, representing 14% of Wajir County (Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, 2019). The town also has unique geophysical characteristics – high-water tables combined with water scarcity – that lead to many sanitation difficulties, like polluting shallow dug wells. Overall, the town experiences a high sanitation-related burden of disease.

All households in Wajir town are using on-site sanitation, and most are using a bucket toilet system that is facing regulations and safety challenges. In the Night Soil system, people’s waste is captured in buckets beneath their toilets and the waste from the buckets is then collected by Night Soil workers (employed by the county) and then transported to the town’s dumpsite. Currently, the perception of the Night Soil system is extremely low throughout the town’s residents. Residents complain of the smell, lack of dignity, and lack of dependability in the collection. Sanivation is working along with the town and the Night Soil collectors to make drastic changes to the operations and management of the system to build something much more dignified and reliable that people of the town can be proud of. We are looking for a branding and marketing consultant to help lead the charge of updating the Night Soil system to match these new and improved changes.


Consultancy details

This branding and marketing consultant will be responsible for creating an entirely new brand for the Night Soil collection program and a marketing campaign to change the perception of Wajir to be proud of their sanitation service. There are local project staff that will support any local data collection or testing, and therefore it is not required that the consultant travel to Wajir for this project. There is a detailed assessment report that will be available to the consultant that explains the current sanitation context and key challenges in Wajir.

Success of the consultancy will be measured by two key performance indicators:

  • Community satisfaction rate: Currently at 30%, goal to get over 75% satisfaction
  • People served: through this branding and marketing campaign we want to increase paying users of the service from 32,000 to 64,000.

Key deliverables for the consultancy:

1. Develop a new brand for the Night Soil collection

This will include, but not be limited to, logos and names for the service and the workers themselves. We expect the consultant to trial test names and logos with Wajir residents to then develop at least two options that clearly and creatively present how waste collection is safe and aspirational to the community. Final deliverables will consist of:

  • Messaging framework including the brand promise, proposition, mission, elevator pitch, and band pillars
  • Brand identity details including logos (in print and web formats), taglines, typography, color palette, and image style
  • Brand style guide with details on guidelines of how to use the branding in different advertising and brand positions. (Such as uniforms, equipment,

billboards, flyers, websites, etc.)

2. 1-year marketing plan for Wajir Town to reach the key performance indicator targets:

This is the implementation plan for a year-long campaign in how we will change the perception and behavior of the Wajir residents. This plan should include a detailed understanding of the Wajir residents’ personas and how we can reach them specifically. The implementation plan has a budget of KES 1 million and should specifically focus on Wajir town residents of all income levels.

Duration for the Consultancy: 3rd May – 24th May 2021

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following;

  • CV outlining similar previous work
  • A complete work plan on how they will realize the above deliverables in the three-week consultancy with a corresponding budget breakdown including their fees
  • Examples of similar past work



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