Child Protection Case Workers (4 Positions)– Abudwak District, Somalia

Somali Peace Line (SPL)

Child Protection Case Workers (4 Positions)– Abudwak District, Somalia


Vacancy Announcement

  1. Position: Child Protection Case Workers – Abudwak District (4 positions)
  2. Organizational Background

Somali Peace Line (SPL) is a non-profit making and non-governmental local organization, established to contribute towards bringing lasting and sustainable peace, advocate for human rights of disadvantaged groups, capacity building, social harmony, and good governance.

Somali Peace Line was founded in 1995, following the second International Congress of Somali Studies in Paris, France that looked at the “Culture of Peace in Somalia”. SPL fulfills a distinct mandate and is guided by the principles of Political and Social Non-partisanship, Transparency & Accountability, Best Interests of the Child, belief in the capacity of Somalis to solve their problems, Gender equity, and reduction and/or elimination of poverty and illiteracy as a means to sustainable peace. SPL is committed to empowering Somali Society to solve its internal problems through peaceful dialogue. SPL is a key member organization of the Somali civil society organizations and is continually acknowledged and appreciated by its partners for its tireless commitment and collaboration in the cause of social change.

Somali Peace Line has a Child safeguarding policy and anyone who is going to work under Somali Peace Line must sign the child safeguarding policy documents as SPL is committed to prevent and protect all children from abuse with whom we contract directly or indirectly.

  1. PROJECT: Enhancing inclusive support for basic food security and livelihood needs and child protection for Locust, drought, and conflict-affected families and children in Abudwak, Somalia
  2. Location: Abudwak and its surrounding areas.
  3. Key Working Relationships: Position Reports to Child Protection Officer
  4. Post type: Somali National
  5. Job Description

The CP caseworker will be responsible for providing child protection services while upholding key child protection principles like the child’s best interests, confidentiality, Do No Harm, and child engagement. The caseworker will provide case management services to children involved in child labour who are victims of violations, neglect, or trafficking, in accordance with Somali peace line operational guidelines and global minimum requirements in child protection and case management. She or he will act as a child advocate, ensuring that children’s needs are prioritized in the delivery of services and that children’s feedback is sought at all stages of the process.

The caseworker will be well-equipped to support the child’s resilience, and to conduct social resource mapping and safety planning for the child, and to also make services more accessible to the child and his or her family. The caseworker will strive for excellence and be able to demonstrate critical thinking capabilities when it comes to finding alternatives and advocating for interventions to be made available to children.

The caseworker will conduct home visits, follow-ups, and assessments in and about Abudwak (night shifts are likely to be included). In addition, the caseworker will be responsible for effectively collaborating with relevant external agencies for service delivery and referrals to national mechanisms for reporting cases of children with protection issues.

  1. Major Responsibilities:
  2. The caseworker identifies cases of out-of-school street children that are at risk of various forms of child labor who are at high risk of gender-based violence.
  3. The caseworker provides case management services in line with the standard Procedures for case management & Global Child Protection Case Management Guidelines;
  4. The caseworker Conduct outreach to assess and provide support to the child during house visits, consistently conduct outreach and follow up on the child violations.
  5. The caseworker will be independent, responsible for ensuring case action plans and relevant administrative procedures are followed.
  6. The caseworker will assume full responsibility for assessing the level of risk that a child is exposed to, and will immediately report all cases that may evolve into high-risk cases to the direct line project officer (Senior Case Management Officer, then CP/CRG project Implementation);
  7. The caseworker will commit to maintaining documentation of case management files following the relevant processes;
  8. The caseworker will represent Somali Peace Line (SPL) by keeping in touch with external referral agencies for service provision and recognizing the applicable criteria;
  9. The caseworker will maintain and update the spreadsheet with mapped facilities and focus points for service providers to remain engaged with changes in the area of service provision;
  10. The caseworker will maintain proactive contact with all related internal units (psychosocial team, case management team, etc.) by regularly participating in weekly case management team meetings and being open to criticism and self-reflection.
  11. The caseworker will ensure absolute accountability & transparency for drafting, maintaining, and reviewing reports to include case management reports, success stories and case studies.
  12. The caseworker will participate in implementations of all project activities in the field.
  13. The caseworker assumes sole responsibility for running the hotline on a rotating basis, ensuring that as a caseworker and agent of SPL, he or she is addressing and responding to calls on the spot to address and respond to crises, and facilitating access to information and services when it isn’t feasible.
  14. Qualifications, experience, and traits
  15. Diploma or degree in administration, social sciences, or related field
  16. Minimum of 3 years’ experience of implementing child protection or education programs, preferably case management, social work, or teaching.
  17. Demonstrated understanding of working with children and particularly vulnerable children
  18. Personal qualities: Team player, flexible, network-builder, able to handle pressure well, and work in a cross-cultural setting.
  19. Fluency in written and spoken English
  20. A staunch advocate of child protection and child rights;
  21. Commitment to serving children, do no harm and best interests’ principles;
  22. A strong believer in children being agents of change in their communities;
  23. Desirable, not essential
  • Experience working with Community Based Child Projection Mechanism
  • Experience working with Abudwak and surrounding areas communities
  1. Application process:
  • To apply send a full CV and covering letter, stating the position being applied for, and send it to
  • Your CVS should be included 3 references
  • Deadline for applications: After 30th April will not be accepted
  • We regret that only short-listed candidates will be in contact
  • Female candidates are encouraged and given priority


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