Child Protection Project Officer – Abudwak District, Somalia

Somali Peace Line (SPL)

Child Protection Project Officer – Abudwak District, Somalia


Vacancy Announcement

  1. Position: Child Protection Project Officer – Abudwak District (1 position)
  2. Organizational Background

Somali Peace Line (SPL) is a non-profit making and non-governmental local organization, established to contribute towards bringing lasting and sustainable peace, advocate for human rights of disadvantaged groups, capacity building, social harmony, and good governance.

Somali Peace Line was founded in 1995, following the second International Congress of Somali Studies in Paris, France that looked at the “Culture of Peace in Somalia”. SPL fulfills a distinct mandate and is guided by the principles of Political and Social Non-partisanship, Transparency & Accountability, Best Interests of the Child, belief in the capacity of Somalis to solve their problems, Gender equity, and reduction and/or elimination of poverty and illiteracy as a means to sustainable peace. SPL is committed to empowering Somali Society to solve its internal problems through peaceful dialogue. SPL is a key member organization of the Somali civil society organizations and is continually acknowledged and appreciated by its partners for its tireless commitment and collaboration in the cause of social change.

Somali Peace Line has a Child safeguarding policy and anyone who is going to work under Somali Peace Line must sign the child safeguarding policy documents as SPL is committed to prevent and protect all children from abuse with whom we contract directly or indirectly.

  1. PROJECT: Enhancing inclusive support for basic food security and livelihood needs and child protection for Locust, drought, and conflict-affected families and children in Abudwak, Somalia
  2. Location: Abudwak and its surrounding areas.
  3. Post type: Somali National
  4. Working contacts: Working with the other SPL staff, LGA, and project stakeholders. As a member of the Somali Peace Line- he/she will work with SPL Child Protection Department in Mogadishu and he/she will coordinate all project activities in the field under the SPL CRG coordinator.
  5. Job Description.

Under the general supervision of and technical guidance of the SPL Child Protection Child Rights Governance Coordinator, the incumbent will be responsible for assisting in the design, implementation, and carrying out monitoring of the MFA child protection project in Abudwak. There will be a strong emphasis on the delivery of child protection services for Locust, drought, and conflict-affected families and children in Abudwak, and the mainstreaming and integration of good protection practice into food security and livelihood the activities in coordination with Save the Children International.

The post entails monitoring of the child protection situation in the regions, promoting child rights advocacy with authorities, CSOs, and service providers, facilitating case management process and referral mechanisms, and other child protection activities of the project including strengthening community structures, implementing parenting without violence approach, conducting community dialogues, supporting parents/caregivers of children with disabilities, conducting awareness-raising on child rights, risks of child labor and forced recruitment, reporting, and referral of child protection and GBV case.

  1. Major duties and responsibilities:
  2. Develop and execute project action plans on a timely basis.
  3. Assist in the design, planning, and implementation of project initiatives in the field, with the help of caseworkers and input from the SPL CP/CRG coordinator, and monitor the effects and outcomes of these activities.
  4. Develop mechanisms for a community-based structure and referral system.
  5. Works with officials, non-governmental organizations, and community institutions to improve the protection of vulnerable children in Abudwak, including those from locust, drought, and conflict-affected families.
  6. Attend NGO and government child protection meetings in the field
  7. Assist the SPL CP/CRG coordinator with project activity filing and record tracking, as well as data entry of project statistics, as required.
  8. Provide project coordinator with monthly and weekly reports.
  9. Prepare activity reports, case management documents, and case studies.
  10. Prepare, and collect financial liquidation documents of implemented activities monthly.
  11. Maintain frequent contact with SPL HQs, the Protection department, and local authorities to provide assistance and troubleshoot any issues.
  12. Consult with the SPL CP/CRG coordinator for advocacy events and attend Advocacy meetings.
  13. coordinate with the SCI Abudwak office during the project lifecycle
  14. Utilize and take care of all the SPL assets and equipment according to the policies.
  1. Qualifications, experience, and traits
  2. A bachelor’s degree in social sciences or a similar discipline from a university (i.e., education, administration, legal, human rights, and humanitarian law).
  3. A minimum of two years’ experience in the area of child protection, human rights, or protection for an international organization
  4. Knowledge in computer applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentation software.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively with members of the stakeholders
  6. English and Somali language proficiency.
  7. Knowledge of Current challenges, developments, and trends in disaster management, human rights, child rights, child protection, children in armed conflicts, humanitarian affairs, and related fields.
  8. Communication, advocacy, analytical, and training skills are all essential.
  9. Ability to work in a multi-cultural and multi-national environment, as well as in emergencies
  10. Creativity, versatility, and integrity, and engagement with civil society and government institutions
  11. Application process:
  12. To apply send a full CV and covering letter, stating the position being applied for, and send it to
  13. Your CVS should be included 3 references
  14. Deadline for applications: After 30th April will not be accepted
  15. We regret that only short-listed candidates will be in contact
  16. Female candidates are encouraged and given priority


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