Communications Specialist, Mogadishu, Somalia

Federal Republic of Somalia, MoLSA

Communications Specialist, Mogadishu, Somalia

Position:  Communications Specialist

Reporting to: Project Manager, Baxnaano

Location: MoLSA, Mogadishu

About the Baxnaano Programme 

Baxnaano is a Social Protection Platform housed at Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA) of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS). The platform has enabled FGS to provide safety net support to the poorest and respond to the impact of climate-related shocks. Since its inception in 2019, Baxnaano is evolving as a national social protection platform with a vision of empowering the poor and vulnerable through socioeconomic inclusion. The World Bank financed Shock Responsive Safety Net for Human Capital Project (SNHCP) began supporting MoLSA/Baxnaano in 2019. The project seeks to build a bridge beyond the humanitarian approach, addressing Somalia’s immediate food security issues, while also laying the foundations for human capital investment over the longer-term. SNHCP was extended in 2023, with additional financing.

Baxnaano supports poor and vulnerable households through three windows:

  • Baxnaano Regular Window – A long term and unconditional cash transfer (CT) window aims at addressing chronic poverty and food security, building resilience and enhancing the human capital accumulation of beneficiary households. This window will also support Co-Responsibility cash transfers to promote uptake of Health, Nutrition and Education services in future while also positioning the FGS for direct implementation / service delivery.
  • Baxnaano Shock Response Window – A short term and unconditional emergency cash transfer (ECT) window aims at smoothing food consumption and protecting the human and physical assets of the poor and vulnerable during shocks and enable recovery.
  • Baxnaano Economic Inclusion Window – This window aims at enhancing economic inclusion of poor/vulnerable youth (including women) in urban areas.

Baxnaano operates with full engagement from Federal Member States (FMS) authorities, and in consultation and collaboration with relevant development partners, humanitarian agencies, and nongovernmental organizations. SNHCP also supports development of social protection systems for implementation of social protection programs, strengthening institutional resilience and establishment of a Unified Social Registry (USR). The USR aims to establish a data repository of poor and vulnerable households. The USR is meant to collect socio-economic data of households, manage information (addition, editing, update) and provide a platform for dynamic data sharing for potential stakeholders to access the information of their needs for their targeting.

This consultancy will provide citizen engagement, social accountability, and communications support to immediately assist Baxnaano identify and profile stakeholder and formulate and disseminate more and better information while strengthening community/beneficiary outreach and mobilization mechanisms. Under the guidance of the and direct supervision of the Project Manager, the Communications Consultant will develop Baxnaano’s communications and mobilization strategy, communication and mobilization products. The Communications Consultant will work to strengthen Baxnaano’s ability to communicate with, and mobilize beneficiaries, communities, government officials, media, donors, civil society and other stakeholders. The consultant will support the development of the type and content of information that need to be provided to and obtained from stakeholders, when and how such information is packaged and communicated, and how the information is to be fed back to and influence Baxnaano.


The position is housed within a PIU established within MoLSA to support implementation of SNHCP. The purpose of this position is to ensure the effective citizen and stakeholder engagement, information development and information dissemination. The consultant will be expected to work closely with, manage outputs of, and ensure quality deliverables from, the communication and citizen engagement firm(s) expected to be hired by Baxnaano. The specific objectives include:

(The following may require the consultant to leverage the Communication and Citizen Engagement firm(s) hired by Baxnaano. and the project Stakeholders Engagement Plan)

Citizen and stakeholder Engagement

  • Identify, profile and map out Baxnaano stakeholders based on their differentiated needs and requirements for engagements and in consideration of local and existing mechanisms for effective engagements.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive citizen engagement strategy that aligns with Baxnaano’s goals and objectives. Advise the programme management team on the most effective channels of communication with communities and beneficiaries including on how best to raise awareness of beneficiaries and communities on Baxnaano interventions.
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis to identify key community leaders, community groups, civil society organizations, government officials, and relevant stakeholders, who can play a crucial role in supporting Baxnaano’s operations and interventions.
  • Develop a citizen engagement communication plan to effectively convey the objectives and benefits of participating in Baxnaano interventions to the community members.
  • Through the Communication and Citizen Engagement firm(s), organize and facilitate community meetings, workshops, and focus group discussions to gather feedback, address concerns, and provide information about Baxnaano’s interventions.
  • Through the Communication and Citizen Engagement firm(s), improve Baxnaano’s collaboration with local leaders, community-based organizations, and other government agencies to enhance citizen engagement and ensure inclusivity.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of citizen engagement, communications and mobilization activities and making recommendations for improvement. This includes monitoring of Communication and Citizen Engagement firm(s) activities hired by Baxnaano.
  • Supporting Baxnaano’s collaboration with local government bodies and relevant stakeholders to ensure seamless coordination and cooperation. Advise staff in FMS and district offices on their communications with external stakeholders, in particular their counterparts in FMS and district governments.
  • Advise management on engagement with external stakeholders, coordinating the preparation of briefings by other members of staff, as required.

Information development  

  • Prepare tailored citizen engagement and communications plans for all Baxnaano interventions including shock response in consideration of stakeholders differentiated needs and requirements including reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities
  • Thereafter support Baxnaano management in executing the plans.
  • Develop communications products that are used to support operational delivery and ensure that stocks are regularly replenished and are available to officers at all levels of the programme.
  • Develop Behaviour Change Communication products for various Baxnaano interventions (including safety nets, co-responsibility cash transfers on health, nutrition, education, economic inclusion, financial inclusion etc).
  • Support the generation of on-going content for regular messages to beneficiaries and communities (e.g. SMS messages, voicemails, etc).
  • Ensure adherence to local cultural context to achieve communication objectives.
  • Ensure that all communications help promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  • Support the teams with drafting communication for Grievance Redress, including response to complaints and preventive communication to ensure that beneficiaries/stakeholders are aware of any delays.
  • Help prepare Frequently Asked Questions derived from the various information gap challenges faced by each of the programmes.
  • Support the team in program monitoring to collect and maintain a repository of photos, videos and other materials for the program for internal and external use.
  • Lead in the development of communications outputs that strengthen the reputation of the Baxnaano.
  • Periodically convert M&E data and information into feature stories, press briefings etc, and have these published.

Information dissemination 

  • Develop a communications risk mitigation strategy that is able to respond rapidly to any reputational risks to the programme, coordinating responses as required.
  • Manage and maintain the programme’s intranet, delivering up-to-date content to staff members.
  • Manage and maintain the programme’s website, social media accounts and other channels used by Baxnaano for delivering up-to-date content to citizens and stakeholders.
  • Develop and manage communication campaigns to provide beneficiaries with information, support mobilization and improve community awareness on Baxnaano interventions.
  • Coordinate provision of training and awareness raising for Baxnaano staff.
  • Developing training sessions for community representatives, youth and local volunteers to enhance their understanding of Baxnaano and its interventions.

Person specification  

The qualifications and experience of the successful candidate are set out below. 


  • Qualification: Bachelor of education in social sciences, Communication, Mass Media or related field,
  • Experience: 10 years of experience in working with public sector or NGO/INGOs specially in the field of community/citizen engagement, social and community mobilization
  • Experience in managing communication and mobilization campaigns.
  • Fluency in written Somali and English, with the ability to produce high quality written products, evidence through a strong track record.
  • Experience of engaging with and influencing media (newspapers, radio, television, web content).
  • Strong inter-personal skills and a commitment to working in teams.
  • The ability and willingness to take initiative, be innovative and drive forward activities.


  • Experience of overseeing external and/or strategic communication
  • Experience in social protection or a related field

 How to Apply:

Confidential applications can be addressed to and copy  with only a Cover Letter and Curriculum vitae (CV) in WORD .doc or. docx format must be delivered, by 1500 hours of  20th February 2024.

Applications addressed exclusively to the one of the above email addresses would not be considered





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