Consultancy Assignment of ToT training for Youth Led Organizations on Organizational Management, Leadership & Communications, and Financial Management in Somaliland

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Consultancy Assignment of ToT training for Youth Led Organizations on Organizational Management, Leadership & Communications, and Financial Management in Somaliland


Consultancy Assignment of ToT training for Youth Led Organizations on Organizational Management, Leadership & Communications, and Financial Management in Somaliland

  1. Introduction

This is the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the required technical support towards conducting capacity building training for youth led organizations in Somaliland. The selected trainer will train members from youth led organization on organizational management, leadership, communication, and financial management. This TOR, therefore, provides information on the overall objectives of the consultancy assignment, the general methodology, tools, and approaches, expected outputs/deliverables, and the required qualification and experiences of the consultant to conduct the training.

  1. Background

Shaqodoon is a local NGO founded in 2011 to create innovative and long-lasting solutions to Somalia/land’s youth employment challenges. The organization designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the local community’s most urgent challenges in livelihood skill training, education, civic education, justice and health. Shaqodoon is a national platform whose goal is to prioritize youth employment and education on the development agenda and to exchange knowledge on effective policies and programs to improve employment and education opportunities for youth, prioritizing at risk youth, marginalized groups, and people who have lost hope and are thus often jailed for local crimes.

ILED Program

This action falls under the “Inclusive Local Economic Development” (ILED) programme, under the European Union’s emergency trust fund for stability and addressing the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa (i.e., Trust Fund, EU TF). The “Inclusive Local Economic Development” programme contributes to three results, stabilization and local Governance, inclusive and sustainable growth and protection and graduation of the most vulnerable. The specific objective is to ensure that youth have access to safe spaces where they can realize their full potential as productive and independent agents of positive change in Somalia/Somaliland.

  1. Purpose and Objectives of the consultancy

The overall aim of this consultancy is to strengthen technical and institutional capabilities of youth-led organizations on organizational management, communication, leadership, and financial management through facilitating need based and customized training package.

  1. Scope of work

During the assignment, the consultant is expected to prepare and submit a comprehensive and contextualized training plan, training manual and other relevant training materials. Training content should enrich by using acceptable standard manuals of leadership development, organizational management, communication and financial management. Shaqodoon will avail necessary training logistical support including printing hands-outs, training facilities and field exercises. The Consultant should indicate application of visual learning aids; videos of successful case-stories; scenarios; sharing best practices; and field practical exercises. In addition, the consultant will submit pre- and post-testing evaluation tools.

  1. Methodology

Following are some of proposed methods for the ToT training:

  1. Conduct desk research using relevant materials. This will help the consultant to come up with concrete and contextualized training materials including learner and trainer guide and presentations.
  2. Submit all drafted training materials to Shaqodoon and incorporate inputs from Shaqodoon in a timely manner.
  3. Effective training methodologies including lecturing method, printed handouts, group work, plenary discussions, role-playing, field exercises and individual action plans (to follow up and evaluate training results, and how trainees will reflect on what they learned from the training).
  4. Key Deliverables
  5. Inception report: Detailed methodology, training content, sources, and training delivery. The training materials will be discussed and approved by Shaqodoon program team before training commences.
  6. Comprehensive training report
  7. An electronic copy of all training materials and content including presentations, handouts, videos and assessment tools.
  8. High quality photos.
  9. Attendance sheets
  1. Time frame

The assignment is planned to be undertaken within 21 days. The following are the assignment tasks, related deliverables, and proposed timelines is presented in Table 1.

Task Location Number of days Deliverables
A)   Development, Presentation, and submission of inception report to Shaqodoon Organization Online 1 Inception report: outlining details/process of how the 5 days training will be conducted
B)   Develop and submit the training materials, schedule, and tools with different themes for the three capacity training workshops to Shaqodoon Organization Online 1 Training Material, Training tools and schedule having different training themes
C)   Conduct Capacity Building Training Workshop for Youth Led Organizations to improve Youth services. 5 Locations 5 Deliver 5 days training to 25 trainees from youth led organizations
D)   Compile and submit a quality report to Shaqodoon Organization from the training conducted. Online 2 A quality training report
Total Days   9 days  
  1. Qualifications and Expertise required
  2. Relevant academic background in Organizational Development, Social Sciences, Leadership and Management and Human Resource Development.
  3. Knowledge and experience in organizational management, leadership, communication and financial management, and evidence with a certificate in this respect is an added advantage.
  4. The consulting should have the experience of at least 5 years of recent working experience in the field of ToT training, and developing training curriculum.
  5. Demonstrated experience in carrying out similar assignments.
  6. Extensive work experience and proven record in capacity development, communication, Organizational/institutional developments, leadership, and financial management
  7. Strong analytical and excellent writing and reporting skills.
  8. Familiarity with NGO context.
  9. Ability to work efficiently and deliver on committed outputs under the assignment within agreed timelines and deadlines.
  10. Competent resource personnel who are easy to mobilize and access multiple locations.


Application process

Interested applicants should submit both their technical and financial proposals with the CV of resource persons to not later than May 31ST 2021. Indicate the title of the position in the subject of your email Capacity-Building for Youth Led Organizations“. For more information contact: Mr. Ahmed Yusuf on email:




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