Consultancy – Security Expert – Somalia


Consultancy – Security Expert – Somalia

  • Organization: IDLO – International Development Law Organization
  • Location: Somalia (Somalia)
  • Grade: Single Engagement Agreement – Consultancy
  • Occupational Groups:
    • Security policy
    • Security and Safety
  • Closing Date: 2021-04-23



With funds from the Government of the Kingdom of Netherlands, IDLO will implement a four-year program titled “Strengthening the Social Contract through Access to Justice in Somaliland” (the Program). This Program will address the “social contract” between the Somaliland government under its authority from the Somaliland population. This will include its roles, responsibilities and keeping the government accountable for the social services that it offers its citizens. The social contract is the process by which everyone in a political community, either explicitly or tacitly, consents to state authority, thereby limiting some of her or his freedoms, in exchange for the state’s protection of their universal human rights and security and for the adequate provision of public goods and services. The social contract emerges from the interaction between a) expectations that a given society has of a given state; b) state capacity to provide services, including security, and to secure revenue from its population and territory to provide these services (in part a function of economic resources; and c) élite will to direct state resources and capacity to fulfill social expectations. Legitimacy and accountability are key in keeping the social contract intact.

The Program aims to establish an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) unit at the Ministry of Justice in Hargeisa. This unit will then choose 6 sites for ADR Centres in Somaliland as follows:

Moridijeh           1 x ADR Centre                Hargeisa             Daami

Togdheer           1 x ADR Centre                Burao                  TBC

Sanaag                2 x ADR Centres              Erigavo               TBC

Sool                      2 x ADR Centres              Las Anod            TBC

Training is also planned to take place by way of 9 x 5 day courses for ADR Adjudicators & Staff with an estimated 25 persons per course as well as 3 x 5 day courses for female representatives and 3 x 3 day follow-on workshops for those groups.


IDLO is seeking to recruit a short-term Security Expert to conduct comprehensive security and intelligence assessment of Somaliland with particular reference to the IDLO Hargeisa office operations and movements within Somaliland as it implements the programme objectives to establish ADR centres in each of the regions outlined above.

Detailed travel and security requirements for program staff to visit the field where ADR centers will be located will form an essential part of the assessment. The travelers may include the Program Manager, Country Manager and the Field Security Officer.


The outputs to which the Security Expert will contribute will be:

Activity Expected duration of assignment Expected Timeline
Initial Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) assessment of the current political and security situation in Somaliland paying particular attention to the regions in which IDLO will be operating. 10 days TBD
Prepare a detailed security assessment report identifying   security measures that will be required to be put in place in the immediate and long-term to ensure the safe establishment and monitoring of the ADR centres and frequent travel to Togdheer, Sanaag and Sool as well as for International IDLO visitors to Somaliland. 10 days TBD
To include liaison with the Program Manager, the Security Expert will report on the progress to implement the measures prescribed in the IDLO Office Risk Assessment and make their own recommendations to compliment these so as to best secure the Hargeisa office. 10 days TBD


The Security Expert will work under the overall supervision of the IDLO Country Manager with additional reporting lines to the Field Security Officer and Program Manager (Hargeisa).


  • Security Assessment Report detailing the political and security situation in Somaliland and identifying the immediate and long-term security measures that will be needed to enable the programme team to implement their objectives; and
  • Liaise with the Program Manager and report on the progress to implement the security requirements outlined in the IDLO office risk assessment.


  • It is essential that the expert has a minimum 3 years’ experience in the region and ideally has a Masters level degree in International Security or an equivalent qualification. The expert will have a high level of understanding of law enforcement, military and government security as well as a proven history of undertaking security assessments and developing security plans/strategies.
  • The expert should have a good understanding of the Somaliland / Somalia context as well as access to support from their own networks of native Somalilanders in order to effectively inform the wider risk assessment.
  • The expert must have current and accessible networks (clan, government and private) in Hargeisa, Burao, Erigavo and Las Anod.
  • The expert must have direct access to vehicles and security (preferably their own) to ensure timely movement in-country as and when required.
  • The expert must have a long-standing relationship with Special Police Unit (SPU) commanders in Hargeisa.
  • The expert must have permanent representation in Hargeisa so as to be in a position to offer local security support and advice on a month-by-month basis as may be required after successful completion of this report.
  • It is beneficial if the expert is a member of the ICOCA (International Code of Conduct Association).
  • The expert must have fluent written and spoken English.

Terms and Conditions

The duration of this short term consultancy will be for 30 (thirty) days,

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply by submitting a CV and cover letter.

IDLO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values diversity in all areas of its operations. We welcome and encourage diverse applications.


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work being performed by the contractor assigned to this work. This is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities.

The Director-General of IDLO reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities or even to cancel the recruitment to meet business and organizational needs as necessary.

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