District Capacity Building Consultant – Abudwak – Galmudug, Somalia

Galmudug State of Somalia – MoIFAR

District Capacity Building Consultant – Abudwak – Galmudug, Somalia



I.  General Information

Title of Position:                                                   District Capacity Building Consultant
Type of Contract: Consultant
Duration of the assignment: 3 Months
Duty station: Abudwak – Galmudug
Supervisor:     Executive Secretary
Issue date: 30th  September – 2021
Deadline for application: 14 – October – 2021

II. Organization Context

The Ministry of Interior, Federal and Reconciliation ( MOI Galmudug ) of Somalia are responsible for the local government’s portfolio, including district council formation, establishing systems for local governance structures and strengthening their capacity with a view to promoting democratic and accountable local governments that provide better basic services for stability and enhanced peace. The MoILG develop policies, tools and approaches to implement the Provisional Constitution of Somalia, which states that ‘service delivery is delivered at the level of government that is most effective’. In this regard, the MoILG support service delivery at local level through political, fiscal and administrative decentralization in the Somali context.   The Wadajir National Framework for Local Governance, which was adopted in November 2015 and is an integral part of the National Development Plan (NDP), outlines a series of measures focusing on the third-tier of the government structure: the district level. Local Government (encompassing local administrations and district councils) is the third and lowest tier of elected/representative government in Somalia and is crucial to building confidence in government structures because of its close proximity to citizens – and likelihood of it being the first encounter for people with government. District Councils provide basic services to the general public in coordination with the states and federal MoILG. 

District Councils face a range of challenges related to development planning including a lack of strategic planning mechanism that results in low district capacity to adapt its programmes and service delivery to the changing needs of stakeholders, lack of adequate baseline data and effective data management skills and systems to inform planning processes. The MoILG, District Administrations and UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery in Somalia (JPLG) realized the need of strengthening the local planning process and established a new department, the District Development Planning Department in each district to coordinate districts development planning through data collection and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, reporting and ensuring adherence to the National Development process.

In this context, the district council of Abudwak in coordination with MoILG intends to hire a District Capacity Development Consultant to cover all local government work based on the district development framework that integrates the district and sub-districts plans into a consolidated district plan which is later aligned with the state and federal plans.

The District Capacity Development Consultant should ensure that in implementation of their work, strong emphasis is placed on gender, women, youth and marginalized groups in local government, human rights, local governance and good governance principles of transparency, accountability and participation.

The UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery in Somalia (JPLG) which is a five-year joint programme comprising of ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and UNICEF with the overall goal of “creating an enabling environment for improved service delivery and greater stability, through improved legal, policy and system frameworks – building the knowledge of those working in and with local governments” will support the District Council of Abudwak in recruiting the District Capacity Building Consultant who will to be based in the Abudwak District Council offices and will be supervised by the Executive Secretary . The position is for a limited period of three months.


III. Objectives of the assignment
The District Capacity Building Consultant will provide wide ranging support to the local government with a comprehensive approach to assist local government to be credible, professional service providers, with increasing public investment in basic services, strengthened civic awareness ensuring community participation in local decision-making and development through:

1.     Supporting the design of policy and legal frameworks for decentralization, local government, service provision and linkages to state and National Development Planning processes

2.     Supporting the institutionalization of local government systems, vertical and horizontal inter-government linkages and civic education initiatives

3.     Supporting investment in public services and goods through testing a Local Development Fund model, direct service provision and promotion of public-private partnerships

4.     Capacity building for local government staff.

5.     Designing appropriate M & E tools and methodologies for data collection and analysis

IV. Scope of work

1. Design and facilitate capacity building and training activities:

·       Conduct a capacity assessment of the district development planning department staff in XXX and give recommendations on the gaps or overlaps identified

·       In conjunction with the LGI, design and implement a capacity building program and ensure timely implementation of capacity building activities as well as timely reporting according to signed agreements with development partner.

·       Provide district planning staff with the necessary on the job training to strengthen their capacities to ensure their implementation of Public Expenditure Management process.

·       Support district planning staff in identifying the scope for increased community participation in the planning processes

·       Design ToR for department staff as required through inclusive processes

·       Facilitate and mentor department staff in the process of quality implementation by the district through development of relevant procedures, monitoring of compliance with these procedures, and seeking correctional action where needed

2. Design appropriate data collection tools, monitoring and evaluation approach and assist in their implementation and data analysis

·       Provide an analytical framework for assessing local data collection and analysis

·       Support district development planning department staff establish and maintain relevant data collection and analysis systems.

·       Support district department staff to collect and synthesize data from other departments and institutions

·       Support department staffs to update the District Development Framework (DDF) and support the annual district planning and budgeting based on the collected and analyzed data Support department staff to identify a set of parameters that will inform the development projects evaluation framework

·       Support department staff to assess and overcome institutional boundaries that separate local governments, regional offices and community-based actors and organizations

·       Design appropriate mechanism for increased community participation, including institutional set-up, tools, reporting lines and feedback mechanism

·       Support district staff to manage and maintain in a transparent, efficient and sustainable manner the district projects and ensured projects are locally owned. 

3. With the collaboration of Ministry of Interior and Local Government ensure the district development process links to the State and National Development Planning Processes.

·       Support department staff to identify local actors and map out potential partners

·       Outline key actions and policy requirements and establish priorities that ensure gender inclusivity, conflict prevention and mitigation at the district level.

·       Support district staff to market the District Development Framework (DDF) as a development tool to international and local NGOs, Donors, and other UN Agencies

·       Focus on technical and managerial capacity development of the district development planning department staff to decentralize/localize NDP and advocate for effective local development planning and implementation process aligned with National priorities and development objectives.

·       Support district planning and other departments staff to engage the identified relevant local stakeholders and civil society organizations to implement DDF

·       Ensure results from participatory impact assessment fed into appropriate national bodies

·       Support district development planning department staff to conduct regular oversight of the Development Assistance Database system to ensure all the development projects going on /completed in the district are entered into the system for the public to view how development funds have been utilized for transparency and accountability

·       Support department staff to monitor and report on the implementation of the annual development plan and budget and overall progress towards DDF and NDP priorities.

V. Monitoring and Reporting
The consultant will provide monthly progress reports to the Director General and JPLG summarizing work done not later than 15 days after the end of the month. The reports are to be endorsed by the JPLG and approved by the Mayor. These will form the basis for payment and end of contract performance evaluation.
VI: Qualifications and Experience
Education: University Degree in Social Science, Economics, development study, applied Statistics, Decentralization and Local Governance, and other related Fields and Master Degree is added Advantage.
Experience and skills: ·       At least 8 years’ experience of relevant training and/or capacity building planning and policy analysis, promotion of decentralization and local governance and development at least 5 of which must have been attained in Somalia. 

·       A solid understanding of district planning and investment

·       A solid understanding of Somalia’s system of district-based reconciliation and local governance

·       Management experience is an asset.

·       Proven Experience in promoting capacity building and local governance in multi-cultural environments, and in conflict environments.

·       Experience in representing government in multi-stakeholder forums

·       Self-motivated and self-driven and ability to work with a minimum of guidance.

·       Ability to push processes forward, to be persuasive and at the same time collaborative, supportive and diplomatic.

·       Ability to be calm and well humored while under pressure

Language Requirements: ·     Fluency in written and spoken Somali and English required.
VII: Other information
Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Please send your curriculum vitae and cover letter marked District Capacity Building Consultant”, The deadline of the Application Submission By,

10 /10/2021, To, Email: Hr.moifar.gms@gmail.com and Copy to Salah.abdirahman@undp.org.

Galmudug Ministry of Interior will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest.

For any additional information please contact Awilbahat@gmail.com






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