Closing date 31 May 2021


The Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS) is a non-profit foundation headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with country offices in Somalia, Mali and Myanmar. NIS implements a large range of projects together with donors and key national stakeholders to assist countries and communities to successfully emerge from conflict. Escaping conflict requires a broad mix of activities targeting peacebuilding, state building, reconciliation processes and community recovery efforts. As a result, NIS believes there are multiple ways to support communities and institutions in transitioning away from conflict.

NIS current projects include constructing, rehabilitating and installing economic and community infrastructure such as solar streetlights, stadiums and markets, roads, government buildings, solar electrification to hospitals, health clinics and government buildings. In addition, NIS works with creating vocational training facilities and curricula, managing secondees to government institutions and managing grant-making programmes supporting peace-building and social cohesion.


The overall objective is to update the existing prequalified list of enumerators in Somalia. NIS foundation recognizes the importance of building local capacities for sustainable change, and to this end, NIS desire to create a pool of local young talented individuals to be engaged as enumerators in conducting data collection and entry in all the project baselines, gender and social inclusions (GESI) thematic assessments, feasibility studies, environmental impact & social assessments, endline and other relevant assessments that may deemed necessary such need assessments, livelihood assessments, market surveys. With this background, NIS foundation invites qualified enumerators with desire to provide the above stated service to apply while specifically stating candidate’s current location.

Key Activities:

  • Attend trainings on research protocols, data collection tools and pre- testing of tools
  • Set interview dates with respondents
  • Conduct interviews (KIIs, FGDs, Success stories) with respondents
  • Conduct field work data collection for household surveys & economic activity mapping etc
  • Transcription and translation of qualitative data such as audios into word documents.
  • Raw qualitative data (KIIs and FGDs) collected compiled in electronic format
  • Ensure data quality
  • Action photos for the data collection
  • Responsible for his/her personal transportation while on/off the duty…

Specific responsibilities/duties

The enumerators will be responsible for the following:

® Attend/participate data collection training that will be conducted by NIS Foundation

® Develop adequate understanding of the research protocol, the study population and the study tools.

® Gather and accurately record responses on questionnaires (i.e. data collection & entry) provided by NIS M&E team upon the consent of the respondents.

® Record/document other observations in the field and share the report to the team leader and M&E officer.

® Conduct qualitative interviews with the key informants including beneficiaries, community members, government officials, youth leaders, women leaders and community leaders, sport officials, hospital management etc.

® Facilitate Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with 8 -12 participants

® Ensure completeness of forms for accuracy and consistency immediately following data collection

® Transcription and translation of qualitative data such as audios for KIIs and FGDs into word documents.

® Submit completed questionnaires and other equipment used in fieldwork to M&E Officer

® Maintain teamwork and effective communication with both the team leader and other enumerators during the field work

® Maintain effective communication with the key staff to provide updates on the progress and the challenges encountered during the field data collection and seek guidance on the way forward

Post-Enumeration duties:

® Report any unusual situations to the team leader on a daily basis

® Ensure that all questionnaires and any equipment provided are accounted for

® Turn over all literature and materials used in the survey to the team leader

® Follow confidentiality and security procedures to ensure respondent privacy is protected

Essential traits

• Honesty: Shows a high level of integrity and will not fabricate responses or misrepresent the project.

• Communication: Confidently expresses self, able to clearly ask questions and help the respondent understand what is needed from her/him.

• Relationship Builder: Able to build trust with people at the target location and maintain confidentiality.

• Cultural Awareness: Must be aware of and sensitive to the cultural expectations of communities in the area.

• Accuracy: Must be able to interpret and record responses appropriately without distorting the respondent’s meaning or confusing the analysis.

• Endurance: Must be able to work for full day working hours in the field across the number of days stipulated while giving attention to the details

Skill and Qualifications

Enumerators should have:

• At least a diploma in any of the network fields of education, social science, information technology and any other relevant discipline/study.

• Highly organized individual, punctual, capable of handling multiple priorities, meeting deadlines, and managing time effectively

• Ability to work independently as well as an effective team player

• Outstanding communications and interpersonal skills

• Experience and knowledge on mobile data collection such as ODK/Kobo among others

• Excellent knowledge of English and Somali (essential)

• Experience in undertaking both quantitative and qualitative research.

• Prior experience in undertaking key informant interviews

• Prior experience in interviewing and facilitating focus group discussions and in-depth interviews

Timeline & Conditions:

The selected enumerators will be active during June 2020 to June 2021 depending on their performance and decision of NIS management including program and M&E. The assignment/ contract is on a “need based’’ and remuneration will be paid based on the satisfaction of tasks carried out.

How to apply

Application Process:

Qualified and interested candidates are required to submit their updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) including the telephone and emails contacts of three referees electronically to https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/b70e4c203f664b21917a4a5289edaafb

N/B: Applicant should indicate preferred job location when sending the application. (Please specify the specific location the applicant currently resides; this is so because the selected enumerators will be responsible for his/her personal transportation while on/off the duty)**

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