Hospital housekeeper – Mogadishu, Somalia

Somali-Sudanese Specialized Hospital

Hospital housekeeper – Mogadishu, Somalia



Somali-Sudanese Specialized Hospital is a General Hospital, funded by Somali business elites to meet the needs of Somali people in health care services. it has been providing health care services in Somalia since 2014.

The headquarter of the hospital is at Hodan district, whereby the hospital runs four branches in the other districts in Mogadishu.

The hospital covered almost a huge gap in the health care sector in Somalia, that many Somali citizens needed to go abroad for health care needs.

The hospital absorbs and employs both qualified Somalis and expats from different nationalities.

Job Description

Job title: Hospital housekeeper

Duty station: SSSH Headquarter.

Expected starting date: June 2021.

Status: Permanent

Appointment Period: Full-time


Duties and Responsibilities

Hospital housekeeper is responsible to maintain a sterile environment in and around the hospital and the health facility. He/she entails maintaining cleanliness and a germ-free environment in facilities that are constantly exposed to the spread of germs and diseases and responsible for making patients’ beds in hospital wards.

The hospital housekeeper will be responsible for properly storing housekeeping equipment and/or materials like hospital linens, disinfectants, rags and brushes, brooms, hand gloves.

He/she is effectively responsible for distributing clean towels and bed sheets to patients.

He/she is constantly briefed to ensure that storage rooms for medical supplies are always in a clean state, and to ensure that the medical facility never runs out of housekeeping materials like soaps and paper.

The hospital housekeeper performs various functions in ensuring that a hospital or other healthcare facility is free from germs.

Some of the duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly carried out by the hospital housekeeper include, but are not limited to:

Respond to emergencies in relation to cleaning hospital environment.

Distribute water-washed cloth to patients.

Make beds using clean and disinfected linen and replenish supplies such as towels, blankets.

Distribute clean linen and hospital / surgical gowns to appropriate floors.

Take and address patients’ complaints regarding housekeeping services.

Inform facility manager of any cleaning equipment that may need repair or replacement.

Inform facility manager about any building hazard and assist in addressing it.

Appropriately dispose of medical waste products like syringes, hand gloves, face mask, sachets of tablets, etc.

Dust furniture as well as equipment

Collect dirty clothes for appropriate washing.

Use various types of cleaning equipment, like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc.

Document the procedure involved in the disposal of hospital waste products and ensure that the right procedure in line with the standard

practice of the hospital, is followed.

Clean mirrors and windows along with polishing fittings and fixtures

Empty trash receptacles and ensure proper compaction of surgical waste according to hospital policies.

Create and maintain an inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment.

Maintain a clean and organized storage area for cleaning equipment and supplies.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge

A certificate proving completion of high school is necessary.

Good organizational skills as well as strong hygienic practice

Mathematical skills needed to mix cleaning agents appropriately in accordance with the prescription of the manufacturer.

The ability to take the initiative.

Knowledge of the process of sterilizing equipment

Proven ability and/or inclination to follow instructions.

Ability to always maintain a positive disposition.

The ability to work under exposure to dust.

An understanding of the English language

The ability to maintain an open mind to the acquisition of new skills and knowledge while on the job, especially the use of chemicals and

understanding of basic safety procedures.

The ability to take the initiative where and when necessary, that is leadership skill.

Effective interpersonal skill

The ability to communicate effectively in writing.

Problem-solving skill

Ability to work as part of a team.

The ability to be punctual always.

Basic understanding of how to carry out plumbing and electrical repairs.


4 to 6 years of experience in housekeeping in a hospital, full-service hotel or other large-scale housekeeper service operations.


The housekeeper reports to the head of facility manger.

How to Apply

Please send your updated CV, cover letter, and certificate documents as PDF format to the email address “” The closing date is 08-May-2021. Please indicate the position title in the subject line of your email message.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



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