IT Consultant – Hargeisa, Somaliland


IT Consultant – Hargeisa, Somaliland

Position title: IT Consultant

Location: MAS Children Teaching Hospital (Hargeisa)

Start date: 02/05/2021

Duration: 11 months (May 2021 – March 2022)

Part time: 3 hrs/day – 5 days/week. This time is intended to be flexible depending on the amount of work and not strictly. For example it will be necessary for a maximum availability during the mission of one international IT to Hargeisa (14 days length), during the second half of the project.

Sector experience: IT and HIS (Health Information Systems)

Required Skills and Qualifications: System Administrator (Linux server + Windows), Database Administrator (MySQL + Postgres), Network Architect, Network Technician, IT Trainer. Experience with Open Hospital healthcare software is a plus.

Language: fluency in English is essential.

Advertisement closing date: 25/04/2021

Gross service fee: 450$ per month. The consultant will be in charge of all the due taxes and other related expenses.

Job description/position summary: the work and all the duties are intended to be completed under the supervision and in coordination with the Docemus IT in charge for the project activities:

  • request and evaluation of quotations of small IT instruments and wiring materials from local suppliers;
  • internet network cabling from administration block of MAS-CTH into laboratory;
  • Installation/integration of a small LAN network and electrical wiring for PCs and uninterruptible power supplies;
  • installation of small IT hardware in the laboratory of MAS-CTH;
  • check of internet network in the lab and predisposition for the connection of the lab instruments to the management software;
  • attend to a 2 weeks teaching and training program concerning the lab software (Open Hospital), held by an international IT expert;
  • transmit the knowledge acquired to the medical and technical staff of the MAS-CTH and support them during the remaining period of the project;
  • small administration: management and report of money transfer, local purchases of goods and services (approx. 1900 USD total split between multiple purchases); purchases from local suppliers, payments, receipts and report management;

Main means of communications during the project: audio/video connection, e-mail. In presence during the 2 weeks presence of Docemus in Hargeisa.


Please send an email with your CV to before 25/04/2021

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