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MSF is an independent humanitarian medical organization providing emergency medical aid to populations in need. MSF Somalia mission is seeking a qualified person for the position below:


Work Location : Based in Baidoa – Somalia.

Start date : As soon as possible

Length of contract :10 months with possibility of extension

Main Purpose:

Supervising the daily logistics activities and providing maintenance to the MSF equipment, facilities and infrastructures, according to MSF standards and protocols in order to maintain the facilities in perfect conditions and collaborate in the development of the mission.

Other tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring maintenance activities of infrastructures, management of non-medical stocks and equipment according to MSF standards
  • Ensuring the check and follow-up of facilities under the line manager’s supervision through daily visits to the facilities and reporting any anomalies or problems, evaluation of the rehabilitation needs and following up minor building rehabilitation work according to supervisor’s instructions; checking that premises observe security norms and monitoring the consumption of mechanical and electrical vehicles/machines/devices
  • Planning together with the line manager the required checks and maintenance activities of energy systems/set-up according to MSF standards
  • Coordinating and leading the logistics team under his/her responsibility which includes daily supervision, monitoring of the quality of work and the definition of each person’s task, drawing up their working schedules; organizing and leading team meetings; participating in the recruitment of team personnel and attending logistics meetings and accounting for his activities
  • Ensuring the vehicle fleet maintenance which includes planning and overseeing timely preventive and curative maintenance of all project vehicles according to MSF standards and Instructing and monitoring drivers on correct driving habits and standard checks
  • Managing and following up orders which includes collecting logistics orders coming from different departments or health facilities; drawing up and following up orders according to the procedures in force; providing technical support to the storekeeper, makes local purchases according to MSF supply procedures and ensures reception conditions of freight or arriving material as well as the organization and setting up of materials before its shipment.

Human resource management

  • Direct management of the Logistics team in the field.
  • Ensure the tech log and the log assistant DMC, are performing their task as planned. o Prepare daily and weekly work schedules for the Log team.

o Supervise all cooks both in the hospital and in the guesthouse. o Ensure guard roaster are proper checked and update.

o Plans the annual leaves for log staff. o Keep the daily attendance of log staff.

o Setting objectives for the log staff under he’s/her supervision

o Weekly and monthly meeting with logistics staff to define tasks and priories for the project.

Construction and maintenance

  • Supervises construction and rehabilitation taking place in the field.
  • Regularly checks the state of MSF structures in the field and proposes for maintenance if needed.
  • Develop construction chronogram with the support of logistics manager and ensure timely completion of different projects.
  • Daily update of the construction status to the construction manager or logistics manager in he’s absences for better monitoring.
  • Ensure all construction works within the hospital is done with the collaboration MoH, to enhance better linkage and harmony following the hospital master plan.

Water and Sanitation

  • Supervise the daily sanitary activities in the hospital.
  • Daily check and ensure cleanliness of the grease traps, manhole, water taps, drainage lines of MSF structures.
  • Ensure that the WatSan Supervisor (MOH) is well managing the hygienists and the entire cleanliness of the wards are monitored.
  • Ensure Hospital compound and other MSF structures are well maintained. o Manages vector control and spraying in the hospital as needed.

o Responsible for the inventory update of the sanitation items at the hospital and MSF compound.

o Responsible of the sustainable supply of water to hospital and MSF guesthouse with ensuring the water quality.

o Ensure proper management of hospital waste zone.

Project Equipment inventory management

  • Monthly update of the field equipment inventories.
  • Send the updated inventory to Logistic manager on monthly basis.
  • Keep an update record of the assists in use and follow the maintenance and the repair of the faulty equipment.
  • Share preventive chronogram with logistics manager for all for better follow-up
  • Proper follow-up of patient food and other consumable to avoid ruptures in the department


o Ensure good follow up the daily movement and condition of the rented cars. o Ensure that rented cars follow sheets are filled on daily basis.

o Follow up the contracts of the rented cars and prepare monthly documents for payment.

o Ensure that rented cars are in a good condition as stated in the contracts and has updated required documents and insurance.

IT and telecom

o Manages IT and telecom equipment in the field.

o Supervises the radios used by MSF staff and security guards in hospital. o Maintenance of ICT and communication equipment

Equipment repairs maintenance

o Prepare broken equipment to be sent to Nairobi with repair form.

o Ensure that the equipment (Communication, Energy, Cold Chain, IT, biomed and others), are properly used and maintained/serviced in the field to prevent breakdowns.

o Follow up the generators hours work, services, fuel and ensure the generator logbook is reflecting the generator performance and status.

o Ensure field data backup done on weekly basis.

o Ensure that computer virus updates are done regularly. o Follow up of equipment under repair in NBI.

o Check the cleanliness of the items and are cover when not on use


o Ensure all the generators, and solar systems are function.

o Ensure all consumable, spare parts, fixture and fitting are ordered. o Follow-up on fuel consumption for generator have contingency plan.

o Follow-up on the maintenance and repair plans for generator and other energy equipment this include proper sizing, timely

o Proper sizing of electrical load for the hospital.

Applied security

o With the collaboration of MoH the hospital is well protected, stores are safe and secured properly.. o Ensure all relevant area are fitted with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and fire ball for generators. o With the collaboration with MoH all a safety measures is taken to consideration like fire exit point, fire assembly.

  • Report any Security incident to the line manager that might be threat to the staff, MSF property and the organization in general.

Additional Tasks

  • Be flexible and be able to give assistance with different activities not included in this primary job description.
  • Coordinate with MOH and other Actors with the hospital to ensure smooth running of logistics activities in the hospital


University degree in civil engineering or public health


At least one year in MSF or 2 years in a similar post out of MSF


Strong written and verbal fluency in English and Somali languages is Essential.


Essential computer literacy (word, excel)

How to apply

If you meet the above requirements, please email your CV & motivation letter , Certificate as a single file no later than 20th February 2024 under the subject “LOGISTICS SUPERVISOR -BAIDOA” to: jobs@somalia.msf.org.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

(MSF is an equal Employer and does not charge any application/recruitment or training.






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To apply for this job email your details to jobs@somalia.msf.org

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