Nursing Supervisor – Mogadishu, Somalia

Somali-Sudanese Specialized Hospital

Nursing Supervisor – Mogadishu, Somalia



Somali-Sudanese Specialized Hospital is a General Hospital, funded by Somali business elites to meet the needs of Somali people in health care services. it has been providing health care services in Somalia since 2014. The headquarter of the hospital is at Hodan district, whereby the hospital runs four branches in the other districts in Mogadishu. The hospital covered almost a huge gap in the health care sector in Somalia, that many Somali citizens needed to go abroad for health care needs. The hospital absorbs and employs both qualified Somalis and expats from different nationalities.


Nursing Supervisor will be assisting the Nursing head . The Nurse Supervisor serves under the direction of the deputy Nursing head and serves as the Additional Deputy Manager in the Deputy Nursing Head’s absence.


Knowledge: – Current Best Practice in Nursing Care and Hospital Management,Clinical Specialization.

Skill: – Sound problem and conflict resolution, Active listening, Critical Thinking, Well Developed Written and Communication skills, Coordination, Integrity and Self Control, Organization and Time Management Skills.

Ability: – Plan, organize, direct and control work processes connected with the running of a busy Department; Able to instruct, direct, and evaluate employees; to Assess the effectiveness of nursing care; to remain calm during stressful situations; to maintain records, prepare reports, and compose correspondence.

Minimum Education:- M.Sc./B.Sc. Nursing/Post basic B.Sc./GNM.

Experience: – 7 – 10 YEARS of experience in a Reputed Healthcare Set-up.

Managerial & Leadership Competency as applicable: – Use Problem-Solving processes, maintain group effectiveness and develop group identification. Should also be dynamic, passionate, have a motivational influence on other people, be solution-focused.


The Primary duties & responsibilities would include, but will not limit to:

Administrative & Professional

  • Recruit and maintain a quality stable staff to meet the level of acuity of the hospital census.
  • Coordinate scheduling and staff assignments to insure that sufficient but not excessive staff is available to meet the needs of the patients in a cost effective manner by controlling and managing the nurses leave, temporary duties, training and staff development activities.
  • Ensure that the Nurses receive sufficient in-service education, training and development to meet their needs for self development and maintain current certifications.
  • Develop, implement and administer nursing policies and procedures to ensure nurses have appropriate guidelines that meet the various regulatory requirements.
  • Supervise nursing activities verifying that medications are given as ordered and appropriate documentation is maintained to meet physician needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain quality care standards insurance that admissions and transfers are appropriate considering the patients level of acuity, the hospital’s capacity and staff, and whether the patient has proper consent.
  • Overseeing all the functions of the nursing department.
  • Maintaining service records of nurses.
  • Ensuring comfortable healthy living conditions of the nurses.
  • To review and ensure that Adequate nursing staff is available to meet patient care on a daily basis.
  • A well planned duty roster is available at all times.
  • The punctuality of Nurses is monitored on a daily basis.
  • Nurses are in proper uniform.
  • A daily round of the hospital is taken and whenever necessary.
  • Availability of life saving drugs in all units.
  • Availability and functioning of life saving equipments.
  • Ensure that no eatables are allowed /used at OT or ICU nursing stations or in the Unit refrigerators.

Patient Welfare & safety:

  • Meet with the top management and other decision makers in the hospital and provides leadership needed to achieve nursing care goals in the absence of Nursing Head
  • Participates in the development and periodic evaluation of policies and procedures and reviews the policies and procedures manual annually in accordance with the nursing control functions to provide uniform benchmarks for patient care provision.
  • Participates in the activity of quality assurance, infection control, safety, and nursing care committees.
  • Stays informed about factors that affect long term care and incorporates social, medical and fiscal changes into policies and procedures.
  • Keeps staff informed of changes in policies and procedures.
  • Understands multi-facility corporate policies and procedures and strategies for effecting and dealing with change.
  • Participate in administrative decision-making and the development of policies and procedures related to patient care.
  • Take hospital round and visit patients and interact with patient and families.
  • Listen to patients complaints and resolve the same immediately or escalate the same to Hospital Head If further intervention is necessary.
  • Develops procedures and guidance for facility staff regarding contacting consultants, including information gathering and presentation, change in condition assessment, and when to contact the consultants.
  • Review, consider and/or act upon consultant recommendations, as appropriate, that affect the facility’s patient care policies and procedures.
  • Help review policies and procedures regarding the adequate protection of patients’ rights, nursing care planning, and other ethical issues.
  • Help promote patient health and safety.

Quality of Care:

  • Help the facility establish systems and methods for reviewing the quality and appropriateness of nursing care and other health-related services and to provide appropriate feedback
  • Participate in the facility’s quality improvement process.
  • Advise on infection control issues and approve specific infection control policies to be incorporated into facility policies and procedures.
  • Checks if standards of care are maintained and patients are nursed in a clean, orderly and safe environment.
  • Gives counseling and guidance to all the subordinate staff.
  • Maintain a discipline among Nurses and support staff.
  • Help the facility provide a safe and caring environment.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of employee health policies and programs.
  • Maintains a good working knowledge   of standards for hospital care and ensures that the facility meets the acceptable standards of care.

Patient Chars

  • Review and Monitor proper documentation in various charts.
  • Ensure that all medications are charted correctly.
  • Any reaction noted of Blood Transfusion/ IV fluids/Medicines and their reporting to nursing office and completion of incident report.
  • Monitor and ensure that proper records/registers are maintained

Education, Information & Communication

  • Promotes his/her professional development through self directed and continuing education.
  • Communicates staff concerns to top management & vice versa in a proper manner.
  • Arranges for the availability of qualified nursing staff and maintains involvement in contract negotiations with these professionals.
  • Assures coverage for nursing services and participates in decisions about the kind of services required to meet patient’s needs.
  • Promote a learning culture within the facility by educating, informing, and communicating.
  • Provide information to help the facility provide care consistent with current standards of practice.
  • Decides and recommends personnel and material requirement for running various Nursing functions.
  • Evaluates confidential staff reports and makes recommendations for promotion or higher studies.
  • Helps in planning staff development programme and arranges for in-service education and orientation programme etc.
  • Help the facility develop medical information and communication systems with staff, patients, and families and others.
  • Maintain knowledge of the changing social, regulatory, political, and economic factors that affect medical and health services of long-term care patients.
  • Help establish appropriate relationships with other health care organizations.

Person Directed Care

  • Collaborates with hospital leadership to create a person-directed care environment while maintaining high standards.


  • Understanding of role in assisting delivering the Hospital’s Mission and Vision.
  • Demonstrate appropriate leadership skills to build, empower and guide people to achieve organizational goals.
  • Efficiently co-coordinating the day to day operations of the Department.
  • Acts in accordance with the code of conduct and legal framework.
  • Engage actively in quality improvement and professional development activities.
  • Staff productivity and efficiency levels, effective rostering and harmonious employee relations within the Department.
  • Active role in coaching and precepting junior staff.

How to Apply

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