Pre-Qualified of Enumerators/Supervisors – 100 competent (70 Enumerators and 30 Supervisors) – Hargeisa, Somaliland

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Pre-Qualified of Enumerators/Supervisors – 100 competent (70 Enumerators and 30 Supervisors) – Hargeisa, Somaliland


Pre-Qualified of Enumerators/Supervisors – 100 competent (70 enumerators and 30 supervisors)


HACOF is a leading full services consulting firm working in complex and challenging environments in the Horn of Africa region with a strong presence in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia.  HACOF is a multifarious firm with range of competencies intended to help our clients address various challenges successfully in their respective industries. To ensure a strong return on investments, continuous perfection of processes and meeting end-goals, HACOF helps using proven strategies; methodologies and roadmaps thus provide relevant, insightful and cost-effective research, organizational development, democracy, governance & peace building, and Media Monitoring &Analysis.

HACOF helps using proven strategies; methodologies and roadmaps thus provide relevant, insightful and cost-effective research, organizational development, democracy, governance & peace building, Third Party Monitoring (TPM), Economic Growth & Livelihood and Media Monitoring &Analysis.

HACOF was formally registered in Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia, South of Sudan and Republic of Kenya as an independent consultancy firm. With its headquartered in Kenya and offices in Moqadishu, Hargeisa and jigjiga, Ethiopia and South of Sudan.

Purpose of employ

The main purpose is to pre-qualify enumerators/Supervisors for the projects of HACOF Somaliland. The enumerators will participate in assessments carried out by HACOF and its partners. She /he will carry out data collection activities for assessments and surveys including: Baseline survey, annual assessment, mid-term evaluation, End line, final evaluation, other qualitative assessments assigned by the HACOF Team.

Scope of work

HACOF is seeking for Pre-qualified Enumerators (70 Enumerators and 30 supervisors for Somaliland) pre-qualified list of enumerators will be valid starting from July 2021 to July 2022.

Key Responsibilities of the enumerators

Conduct research and collect information by assigned methods (qualitative and quantitative method).

Complete research/survey/assessment in specific area and review assigned fields and prepare an efficient route

Travel to designated area and conduct interviews in Mobile data collection.

Gather and accurately record responses on MDC provided by the HACOF team.

Ensure that mobile data have been thoroughly checked and completed and uploaded.

Submit completed data and other equipment used in fieldwork to the research supervisor and will, if required to do so, compile his/her findings in a format required by the program manager.

Working in Mobile Data Collection different applications (e.g., Kobo & ODK) others will be enhanced.

Conduct Household survey and ensure the confidentiality of collected data and data storage are properly maintained.

Key Responsibilities of the supervisors

Provide assists/guidance if necessary to enumerator’s in Mobile Data Collection Applications (e.g., Kobo & ODK) while in the field.

Organize workflow and ensure that enumerators understand their duties or delegated tasks

Set goals for performance and deadlines in ways that comply with HACOF’s plans and vision and communicate them to subordinates

Ensure quality of data collection related sessions and briefings prior to fieldwork of HACOF.

Conduct train/moderate/facilitate in Focus Group Discussion (FGDs) and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) if required.

Monitor enumerator’s productivity and provide constructive feedback and coaching

Ensure the confidentiality of the data and data storage are properly maintained.

Ensure data in both Somali and English translation.

Receive complaints and resolve problems and maintain timekeeping and personnel records.

Prepare and submit performance reports in English periodically.

Qualifications and Experience

At least a diploma or degree in the relevant fields of research, statistics, economics, and monitoring and evaluation

Prior experience in conducting field data collection work using household survey and participatory approaches in different locations in Somaliland

Prior experience in interviewing and facilitating FDGs (Focus Group Discussions) and in-depth interviews.

Experience with mobile data collection platforms like KoBo, ODK, Enketo

Strong communication skills and good working relationships with local authorities, stakeholders, and beneficiaries

He/she must be willing to travel to the different regions of the Somaliland.

Knowledge on the local context and community dynamics in Somaliland.

Ability to communicate in both Somali and English.

Excellent Communication and problem-solving skills.

Excellent Communication, problem-solving and interview skills.

Ability to work under pressure, prioritize and commitment to meet deadlines.

Minimum of 1 years’ experience of similar engagement with international NGOs, Local NGOs, COBs, Civil Societies or Research institutions.



 Procedures to apply

Interested enumerators and Supervisors should send their full CV and a letter of interest (not more than 3 pages) to  with the subject “Pre-qualified Enumerators and Supervisors for enumerators/Supervisors “.


Submission Deadline

Applications should be submitted latest by 30th June 2021, therefore interested enumerators are advised to submit their applications as soon as possible as DF has the right to finalize the selection process before the stated deadline.




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