RE-ADVERT: Publication Notice For Procurement of greenhouses, seeds, agricultural equipment and agricultural training


RE-ADVERT: Publication Notice For Procurement of greenhouses, seeds, agricultural equipment and agricultural training


Publication Notice

Contract Title: Procurement of greenhouses, seeds, agricultural equipment and agricultural training.


Iftin organisation/ARD] intends to award a service contract for procurement of the services and items listed below with financial assistance from Danish Refugee Council’s Diaspora Programme.

S/r Item description Quantity Locations
1 Greenhouse 24M*8M – F Model with plant support system and ventilated sides. 

The package should contain growing media, trays, knapsacks, protective suit gloves, 5 water tanks stand (1000 litre each) plus Driplines, filters and main pipe.

(Including transportation and installation costs).

5 Balimataan
2 TOMATOES 4500 kg Balimataan
3 CUCUMBER 640 kg Balimataam
4 CAPSICUM 2500 kg Balimataan
5 ONIONS 2000 kg Balimataan
6 RED PEPPER 1200 kg Balimataan
7 GARLIC 1200 kg Balimataan
8 aGro chemical,
9 Fertilizer: 

§  Nitribor

§  Polyfeed


§  25 kg

§  25 kg



10 Farmer sprayer, Lambdex 400 ml Balimataan
11 6 months agricultural training to 25 people/farmers on new farming practices from May to October 2021) 6 months Balimataan

Documents to be submitted with Bid

  • Completed invitation to bid form (specification and bid price) – Annex14a
  • Completed supplier registration form – annexe14b
  • A valid copy of the company license
  • Company profile indicating the full address, contact persons, key personnel, their qualification and experience (CVs for technical staff) and certificate of completion letters on similar previously completed works (contracts)
  • A detailedwork plan

Exclusion causes:

Contracts will not be awarded to Bidders who, during the Tendering process are:

  • Found to misrepresent information regarding themselves or the goods/services that they are bidding for. This includes omitting relevant required information
  • Subject to a conflict of interest
  • Involved in the development of specifications and/or terms of reference for the Invitation to Bid in question

The Invitation to bid and pertaining support documents (annexes 14a and 14b) are available at the following addressas from the date 29-April-2021 & time: 7:00Am):

At Action for Rural Development office in Masalaha, Hargeisa.


The deadline for submission of bids at Action for Rural Development (ARD), Hargeisa, Masalaha)is 5-MAY-2021- 4:00Pm).

The bids should be submitted in a sealed envelope, signed and dated by the bidding company.

Bids submitted after the deadline or in violation of the formal requirements will not be considered


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