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1. Introduction

SOS Children’s Villages is an international non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in Austria in 1949 and with presence in 134 countries around the world. Since its inception, the organization has been dedicated to the care of children and young people who have lost family care or are at risk of losing it, working also with their families of origin.
As an organization, we work for the restoration of the right of children and young people to live in a family, in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the United Nations Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, through the development of actions for the prevention of loss of family care, the provision of alternative care in safe and protective settings for children and young people who have lost care of their families, encouraging —provided that it is in line with the best interest— the reintegration into their family of origin. And we also conduct advocacy activities, aimed at States creating the necessary conditions for children and young people to fully exercise their rights.

SOS CV was established in Somaliland in 1999, when SOS started its first operations in Sahil region. Currently, SOS Somaliland implements programs ranging from child care, child protection, youth empowerment and participation, education and emergency relief interventions. SOS Somaliland is operational in three regions of Somaliland: Awdal, Marodijeh and Sahil, and a relationship with many stakeholders, including government authorities at national, regional and district levels, NGOs, INGOs, local communities, as well as other CSOs who are in and out of the operational area.

2. Background
In its Strategy 2030, SOS Children’s Villages plans the empowerment and personal fulfilment of young people participating in its programs, through the modernization of youth care, taking into account the protagonist participation of young people, training of the staff accompanying them in this process and promoting their social integration.
In addition, in the organizational policy of the Care Promise and the Youth Development Global User Guide, SOS Children’s Villages undertakes to promote the quality of care and development of young people in all relevant spheres of their lives, in partnership with them, ensuring that no one is left behind and that they receive the support they need to achieve their personal fulfilment, thereby ultimately contributing to the development of their families, communities and societies.
SOS Somaliland has been implementing youth participation and empowerment projects since its establishment, targeting on different skill development sectors – TVET, Employability, Entrepreneurship, ICT and life skills.
Youth in the Community program is one of the programs run by SOS Somaliland under its Alternative Care program in Hargeisa. Currently, the program serves 55 youths who are living with their extended families in the community. The Youth in the Community program contributes towards enabling young people to develop a semi-independent life with a family environment in their local communities. The program enables them to develop skills and attitude that will help them to comfortably transit into independent life as well as ensures personal development and facilitates access to quality education and health services.
In keeping with this vision and strategic organizational commitment, SOS Children’s Villages Somaliland seeks to develop a National Youth Concept, based on a diagnostic of the current situation of young people participating in our Programs, the legal and regulatory frameworks that protect them and a participatory construction from a Rights-Based and Youth Approach, in order to provide an appropriate, up-to-date response tailored to the demands of their care and development processes.
3. Objectives
The main objectives of the assignment are:
• In the perspective of young people without parental care or at risk of losing it, gather all the youth-related legal frameworks, policies, manuals, guidelines, and acts describing youth development and care in the country, review and prepare a comprehensive report capturing their main components and provisions related to the target group.
• Analyse the challenges and opportunities of both the national legal and regulatory framework and the current response of SOS Children’s Villages Somaliland for young people who have lost family care or at risk of losing it including youths leaving care.
• Analyse the local context for young people (e.g., what’s the job situation like for young people? What are existing community initiatives for young people? What community or other support programmes and services exist for young people, existing services/providers) in the 4 areas that SOS youth programs operate – Gabiley, Hargeisa, Berbera and Sheikh.
• Carry out mapping of youth related stakeholders and identify areas for collaboration.
• Propose suitable intervention in line with the analysis of the legal frameworks and the challenges and opportunities as well as gaps of services provided to young people by SOS Children’s Villages Somaliland to support the process and accompaniment of young people towards self-reliance.
4. Scope:
The study will mainly be desk review to analyse the existing legal frameworks as well as challenges faced by young people in general and specifically in getting jobs. KII and FGD sessions to be organised to collect more information on the topics. On top of this, the local context and stakeholder mapping should cover Gabiley, Hargeisa, Berbera, Sheikh and Buroa.
5. Methodology
The consultant must submit a technical proposal to achieve the objectives of this consultancy and the expected outputs within the established time.
SOS Children’s Villages is an organization that promotes the use of participatory action research methodologies in search of results that emerge from a collective reflection and construction. Therefore, some aspects to consider for development of the methodological proposal are:
• Mixed methodology: collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative information.
• Integrate the Rights-Based Approach, the Youth Approach, the Participation Approach, the Gender Perspective and the SOS Policy on Child and Youth Protection in the analysis of information and in the technical proposals.
• Consider the review of documents and testimonials from primary and secondary sources for the data collection process.
• In all phases of construction and validation, keep in mind the participation of youth who presently participate in the programs and who are former participants (mainly those who are in the process of preparing to leave care), management and key technical staff of SOS Somaliland, direct care collaborators and other local and national stakeholders
• Create a work schedule, considering the steps to be followed for achieving the objectives and involving the different actors and stakeholders.

6. Professional/institutional profile for the consultancy
• The expected profile of the consulting entity, whether it is an individual consultant or a consulting firm, must comprise appropriate training and experience
• proven competency (record of previous experiences) in conducting similar assignments including policy analysis
• The consultant/s should have strong writing skills and have 3 to 5 years of experience working in the field.
• a good understanding of youth related issues in Somaliland
• a good understanding of child rights and issues affecting vulnerable children and their families
• good facilitation, organizational and interpersonal skills
• proven experience in participatory processes and data collection methods (including age appropriate data collection methods)
• A bachelor’s degree in the area of Social Sciences: psychology, social work, education, sociology or similar studies.

7. Duration of the Consultancy

This assignment will be conducted for 10 days starting from 20th June 2021 to 30th June 2021.

8. Application Mode

Interested applicants who meet the conditions specified herein are invited to submit their technical and financial proposals including proposed work plans and CVs of Consultant(s) on or before 30th June 2021.
Please indicate the title in the subject line when applying.
SOS Children’s Villages organization is committed to safeguarding the rights of the children and therefore, it is expected that every individual who joins with SOS Children’s Villages in Somaliland understand his/her responsibility in protecting and keeping children always safe.



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