Re-Advertise Short-Term Engineering Consultancy Firm – Beledweyne, Somalia

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Re-Advertise Short-Term Engineering Consultancy Firm – Beledweyne, Somalia

Terms of Reference (TOR)


Job title Re-Advertise Short-Term Engineering Consultancy Firm
Location Beletweyn
Reporting to Education Manager – ESPIG
Duration 6 months
Start date As soon as possible 


The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) funded Education Sector Program Implementation Grant (ESPIG) focuses on the primary education sub sector and seeks to expand equitable access to quality primary education opportunities, improving learning outcomes, ensuring the acquisition of foundational skills at the expected level for each grade, and enhance system capacity at the Federal Government of Somalia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education (MOECHE) and Federal Member State Ministries of Education. The ESPIG grant aims to address the needs of large numbers of out-of-school children in South Central Somalia, with a focus on children from marginalized groups such as IDPs, pastoralists/nomads, urban poor, and children with disabilities, and with a particular emphasis on girls. The grant is implemented by the Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education in collaboration with the Federal Member States Ministries of Education in Jubaland, Southwest, Galmudug, Hirshabelle and Benadir Regional Administration with CARE as Grant Agent and Concern Worldwide as sub-contractor.

Position Summary 

CARE Somalia is seeking to recruit a short-term engineering consultancy firm to support the on-going Education Sector Implementation Grant construction works. Reporting to Program Manager, the consultant firm for this assignment will provide oversight of the construction of the Teacher Training Institute in Beledweyne town.

 Key Responsibilities:

Technical Support and Facilitation

The responsibility of the Consulting services includes but is not limited to the following activities;

  • Integrated and complete project management
  • Strict comprehensive technical supervision of the construction of Beledweyne Teacher Training Institute to be carried out by a contractor and provide regular technical support to contractor throughout the construction period to ensure complete compliance with the drawings, technical specifications and various stipulations contained in the Contract Documents.
  • Check, approve and monitor all Architectural plans- Structural details (reinforcement bars)- Mechanical details, Electrical details and plumbing work described in the contract for accuracy of calculations before execution of work to ensure quality and timely completion.
  • Address in a proactive manner, all technical challenges on site by meeting regularly with the contractor including structural, architects in terms of proposed solutions i.e. technical requirements, sustainability, suitability, and/or quality.
  • Ensure that all materials used and works performed are in accordance with the specifications strictly RCC work, concrete mix designs proposed by the Contractors and approve/suggest modifications in the mix design, laying methods, sampling and testing procedure, and quality control measures, to ensure required standard and consistency in quality at the commencement of items.
  • Receipt, receive and development of comments of the contractor’s technical submittals, methodology, workplan, alternatives, working drawings and any other subject related to the contract.
  • Maintain project records and issue correspondence, certificates, notices, and instructions on behalf of CARE Somalia, in consultation with the Program Manager to the contractor as maybe required.
  • Review design, and scrutiny of all structural details, electrical, HVAC, plumbing pipes and architectural drawings relating to the nature of work completed on the site.
  • Review and verify the request for payments submitted by the contractor with all required supporting documents
  • Coordinate construction site inspection and reports of any incidents and concerns to CARE’s Program Manager.
  • Issue certificate of substantial completion of the required works
  • Make recommendation to CARE regarding costs of non-contracted works.
  • Identify and advice CARE on any change orders which may be required to complete the work.
  • Receive and register all samples, drawing, instructions, manuals, certifications and correspondence submitted by the contractor.
  • The engineering company shall provide CARE with weekly progress report, technical issues/challenges.
  • Submit a final report.

Coordination and Representation

  • To liaise with local authorities and Government Departments to identify and comply with existing regulations.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other partners (Contractor, Government Agencies and Ministry Representations, Community Leads, Other Relevant Organizations) in the project area.
  • Ensure that relevant government ministries or departments are informed of any activity at the site(s) that would require assistance or coordination with the aforementioned government agencies operating in the same sector.

Planning and Reporting

  • Prepare weekly and monthly activity visit plans, showing the critical period to be monitored what to be looked at and progress reports. These work activity plans shall be coordinated/synchronized/harmonized with contractor’s/partners activity.
  • Ensure maintenance of proper and up-to-date stock records at work sites.
  • Provide prompt updates to ESPIG Program Manager with regard to technical challenges encountered during project implementation.

Person specification:

Qualifications & Experience:


  • At least, five years’ professional experience in consulting for large scale construction works and project management,
  • Thorough knowledge of construction procedures and processes, from project conception to completion
  • Experience in community-based assistance and participatory community actions are an asset,
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in construction (particularly school buildings), Structural Engineering, electrical, mechanical and survey works is required.
  • Demonstrated understanding of Somalia context that govern construction activities, building code, mandatory certifications, and other regulations.

Company Profile must include:

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
  • Three references
  • Copy of contracts of similar projects in the last three years.
  • Company registration by the relevant ministry.

All interested consultants firms should send their updated profile, expecting consultancy fee per month (The financial proposals), Demonstration of sound technical understanding of the scope of work and with minimum three professional referees should be sent to with the subject line ”Short Term Consultant Engineer”. Applications should be submitted no later than 23rd June 2021 16:00pm, Mogadishu time.

Note: Submitting the financial proposal is a key requirement and if missing your application will not be considered for further processing.



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