Re-advertisement: Invitation for Applications for Social Media Effective Usage Training – Somaliland


Re-advertisement: Invitation for Applications for Social Media Effective Usage Training – Somaliland

Somaliland Youth Development and Voluntary Organization


Somaliland Social Media Activist Training

Call for Applicants

Re-advertisement: Invitation for Applications for Social Media Effective Usage Training

Application Deadline: May 3rd, 2021 

SOYDAVO is non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2006 and based in Somaliland. SOYDAVO is a youth organization that is committed to empowering communities through access to livelihoods, training opportunities and sustainable income generatives sources. SOYDAVO is a lead applicant of a Consortium of local NGOs funded by the European Union. The consortium united under a project entitled ‘Expanding Civic Space, Empowering Youth and Women to contribute to the governance and development processes in Somaliland’. The project is three years in duration.

The Consortium is committed to promoting gender equality, inclusive governance, political participation and human rights in Somaliland. To achieve this, the Consortium’s project is improving the role of women and youth CSOs in the decision-making and political life in Somaliland by increasing women and youth’s participation in elections and democratic processes in Somaliland.

Under this call for applicants, the Consortium is planning to identify and train 14 active Social Media Activists for the next two years and provide them with a standardised training that can enable them to expand their knowledge and skills of utilising the power of Social media including how to identify target audience, design key and attractive messages, recognise and learn social media policies, understand the use of the different social media platforms and the concrete ways to launch social media campaigns in accordance to the Consortium project objectives.

Upon graduating, the youth social media activists will be enlisted to support the communication efforts envisioned under this action with provision of small grants aimed to help the activists design relevant and key message under the Consortium’s project objectives. The training is set to be conducted in May 2021, whereby 14 social media activists will be trained.

Benefits of the Training

The Social Media Activist will be trained to:

  • Become activists and local changemakers, able to collect information, mobilize the community and create momentum that influences decision-making process
  • Support the consortium in pushing for communication efforts envisioned under this project especially for those related to elections
  • Understand and practice how to use the different social media platforms to promote human rights and gender equality
  • Design effective communication messages for the consortium
  • Carryout and develop relevant messages aimed to promote and empower women and youth in Somaliland

Selection Criteria 

  • Readiness to advocate and promote for pressing issues facing youth and women in Somaliland
  • Willingness to work with the consortium to advocate for human and civic rights, social and political inclusion, and good governance and accountability.
  • Must have a strong social media following
  • English proficiency- Must be able to write and speak in English
  • Digital enthusiasm- web research skills and computer applications
  • Must be aged between 20-35 years old

How to Apply

Interested applicants shall complete the following Google doc form and submit it no later than 3rd of May 2021.

Those who applied previously shall not apply again for this call for applications.



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