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Who we are? We’re Population Services International (better known as “PSI”), a global health non-profit. We aim to make it easier for people in the developing world to be healthy by marketing affordable health products and services (think mosquito nets, HIV testing and more) through private sector strategies. We are a $560m INGO based in Washington, DC, operating in the private and public sectors in more than 65 countries. Most of our brands have dominant market shares that are the backbone for their health category. Check out for more information on our programs.

PSI-SOM started operating in Somalia since 2007 to socially market safe water tablets and long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets and has since expanded, including programs for maternal and child health to improve the health status of Somali people especially women, children and the most vulnerable. Working in partnership with the private and public sector and with other development partners, PSI provides life -saving products, clinical services and behavioral change communication interventions throughout Somalia. For more information, please follow the below link:

Introduction to the Program

The Female Health Worker (FHW) program is a component of the Somalia Recurrent Cost & Reform Financing Project (RCRFP) – Phase II, implemented through the FGS with funds from the World Bank. The program supports 547 Female Health Workers (FHW) and 26 Female Health Supervisors (FHS) across 29 districts in Benadir, Puntland, and Galmudug States of Somalia. The program aims to support the implementation of Primary Health Care (PHC) services at the community level through the Government’s Female Health Worker Program and to Build the capacity of implementing government to manage the program.


What are we looking for?

Competent, reputable graphic design and illustration Consultant or Firm that will offer the service detailed in the Scope of work section.

Procurement Type: Graphic Design Consultancy Service Description of the required Service

we are seeking a reputable graphic design and illustration firm that is expected to provide wide range of graphic design services. The consultant/agency will develop innovative and creative contextualized illustrations/graphics that will be used for a variety of channels including Print Media- (IEC materials including job aids) visual, audio, audio-visual, and inter-personal channels.


Scope of Work

Design and create illustration, sketches, and other graphic elements

Improve and edit artwork, photos, charts, and other graphic elements

Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size or type

Layout and design information and communication materials (posters, booklets, leaflets, books, bulletins, flyers, cards, training materials, reports, concept notes, and guides)

Create animations for illustrative purposes such as animations, presentations and more advanced solutions (design of CD/DVD packaging, graphic digitalization);

Deliver creative graphic and technical solutions for use of new media (virtual 3D words/boxes, postcards)

The engagement will sometimes require participatory observation visits to develop graphics that represent the local social and cultural context within which the Somali targeted populations live.


Detailed specifications for each individual assignment will be provided as and when the services are needed. Terms and conditions of payment

Engagement: Long term Agreement (LTA)- Indefinite Quantity Contract

The consultancy fee will be paid per working day or Per hour.

Payment will be made upon submission of monthly invoices, specifying the number of working days/hours spent on each approved case, and providing documentation to support pre-approved expenses.

This LTA shall not warrant that any quantity of services will be purchased during the term of the LTA as this will depend on forthcoming needs.

Required Skills and Experience

Strong theoretical and practical background in graphic design, including the use of design software such as Adobe Design Premium, In-Design, CorelDraw, Final Cut HD, and Flash, etc.

Proven track record of delivering highly quality graphic design work

Familiarity and working experience in development or humanitarian environment

Ability to synthesis documents from community-based programing or a general understanding of BCC design process.

Willingness and ability to deliver within short notices and to adjust in line with the iterative nature of

graphic work

Required document to submitted for evaluation and qualification:

A two-pager describing the previous work done in this area.

A graphic portfolio of previous work reflecting at least part of the products outline in the section “deliverables”;

For Firms:

Organizational Profile not exceeding 15 pages

Legal registrations with the relevant authorities

Proof of the execution of similar procurements: submit at least three contracts or Purchase orders

Proposed Graphic Designers: Account manager and the graphic team CVs

For individual Consultant- CV detailing the qualification, skillset, expertise, track record of delivering similar services in the past and at least three professional references from clients

Proposed Rates – Fixed Daily/hourly rates for the above-mentioned services

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

In evaluating the proposals, PSI will seek the best value for money rather than the lowest priced proposal.

Specifically, the selection committee will evaluate each proposal upon the following criteria:

Expertise of Firm /Organization (Years in Business, Reputation and Capability, Expertise in the field)

Methodology / Work Approach and Value Additions

Personnel Competence (qualification and experience of proposed staff)

Proposed Daily rates- reasonableness and market relevance of the proposed rates.

Deadline for receiving Proposals is: 11:59pm EAT (East Africa Time) on Jun 16, 2021

Proposals must be e-mailed to with the Subject Line: Creative Graphic Design Services

PSI does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any proposal and is not bound to give reasons for the decisions made thereof. All Bidders are responsible for the cost of preparing proposal documents or any other costs incidental to this bid, during or after the application process.

If after bid submission you are unable to participate, please advise us immediately by e-mail.

Any questions which you may have in relation to bid must be addressed to and copying




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