Senior Curriculum/Dialogue Process Specialist: Federalism and Gender in Somalia

Conflict Dynamics International (CDI)

Senior Curriculum/Dialogue Process Specialist: Federalism and Gender in Somalia

Closing date 1 Jun 2021

Conflict Dynamics International (CDI) and the Forum of Federations (FOF) seek a senior curriculum or dialogue process specialist(s) to lead the development of a pilot program on “Federalism and Gender Equality in Somalia”. The overall objective of this program is to enhance capacities of Somali leaders to understand the differential impacts of federalization in Somalia on women and men, and to identify priorities for mitigating risks and promoting opportunities for enhancing GE in Somalia. The project will build on a recent 2020 global report by the Forum on “Gender Equality and Federalism” (

This report looks at GE issues among the world’s federal countries in six main chapters: (i) Protection of Rights, (ii) Service Delivery, (iii) Violence Against Women, (iv) Family Relations, (v) Political Representation and Participation, and (vi) Economic Empowerment. The Somali GE program will build on training materials being used in a similar FOF program in Myanmar. The main mode of delivery, at least in the short-run, is expected to be virtual workshop(s). The format may be a combination of learning, dialogue and action planning.

The main role of this consultant(s) is to act as curriculum development specialist and coordinator. Working closely with the FOF-CDI project team and federalism subject matter experts, the main tasks of the consultant are to include:

Identify/analyze target audiences:**
Brief stakeholder analysis to identify possible partners as well as different target audiences, their interests and possible participation.

Follow up accordingly with these group(s) re subsequent detailed design issues.

Clarify objectives and format:
Work with the project team and others to fully specify the overall objectives of the initiative and basic format for the workshops.

Develop curriculum/program:
Work closely with GE and federalism content experts, mainly using the above mentioned FOF global report and the existing Myanmar project materials to degree appropriate. This may be organized based on one or more of the above-mentioned ivi chapters of the global report or a combination (to be determined for best fit to Somalia’s needs).
Identify and develop Somalia-specific content, including basic data but also re the priorities and contextual information re Somalia-federalism-GE.

Develop detailed learning plan for the chosen session(s), specifying all relevant learning objectives and means of achieving.

Co-design PowerPoint presentations and other learning support materials, etc. for the chosen content as well as exercises to engage participants in their own understanding of the issues and priorities for future action.

Ensure the program is highly interactive and relevant to participants.

Translate materials into Somali language.

Develop a detailed plan for delivery.

Work with project team and the other subject matter experts to select and prepare a Lead Facilitator(s), one of which will be a senior expert in GE issues in Somalia.

Monitor and support actual delivery.

Suggest revisions to the plan for future delivery.

Estimated Level of Effort: up to 30 days (to be discussed).

Time line: Start as soon as possible. (Preferred workshop delivery to start by late- June 2021.)

Qualifications on consultant(s):
Graduate degree, senior-level experience, or similar special qualifications in workshop curriculum design.

Senior-level expertise in gender issues and actors in Somalia.

Experience with remote/virtual delivery.

Good understanding of general socio-political dynamics in Somalia.

Demonstrated ability to work independently.

Demonstrated ability to effectively coordinate and lead a team to ensure delivery of results on schedule.

Strong English language skills; native speaker level Somali language skills (speaking and writing).

How to apply

Please send you CV(s) and cover letter to Applications will be assessed on a rolling basis until the position has been filled. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.



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