Tender invitation of provision of procuring Dignify kit tools – Mogadishu, Somalia

Somali peace Line (SPL)

Tender invitation of provision of procuring Dignify kit tools – Mogadishu, Somalia

Sub: Tender invitation of provision of procuring Dignify kit tools  


Somali peace Line (SPL) is non-profit making and non-governmental local organization, established to contribute towards bringing lasting and sustainable peace, advocate for human rights of disadvantage groups, capacity building, social harmony and good governance.

Somali Peace Line was founded in 1995, following the second International Congress of Somali Studies in Paris, France that looked at the “Culture of Peace in Somalia”. SPL is committed to empower Somali Society to solve its internal problems through peaceful dialogue. SPL is a key member organization of the Somali civil society organizations and is continually acknowledged and appreciated by its partners for its tireless commitment and collaboration in the cause of social change.

1.  The objective of the TOR

The objective of the TOR is to purchase dignity kits to the vulnerable adolescent girls and boys in IDP camps disaggregated by age, gender and disability.

2.  Purpose of the TOR

The office of Somali peace line invites all the interested companies in Mogadishu to participate in an open tender for the provision of procuring dignity kit for 360 girls in Abudwak district SPL has honor to invite the companies to submit request for quotation (RFQ). SPL is seeking supplier who can offer the most cost efficient solution with high quality of performance, service and sustainability. The description is as below.

# Description QTY/tiro Unit
1 Derac 360 PCS
2 Garbasaar 360 PCS
3 Always 360 PCS
4 shampo 360 PCS
5 Gorgorad 360 PCS
6 Kastuumo 360 PCS
7 Saliid 360 PCS
8 saabuun 360 PCS
9 Xijaab 360 PCS
10 Sansayeeri 360 PCS
11 Surwaal gabdheed 360 PCS
Total 3960
3.  Selection criteria

The interested companies will be selected based on the quality of items, time to deliverand financial proposals.

Technical proposal will include:

  • Expressing of interest outlining the cost and quality of items
  • Organizational profile containing evidence of the work done in this area
  • Legally registered with relevant ministries or Banadir regional administration
  • Certification of previous experiences
  • Ability to communicate via company email.

Financial proposal will include:

Financial proposal detailing itemized masks of the Dignify kit tools

  • The quality of the items quoted

Interested organizations having the above items with specification can submit their financial proposal (hard and soft copies) into separate sealed envelopes by June 17, 2021 to SPL HQ in Mogadishu.

4.  Application process:

Send to: somalipeaceline@hotmail.com, copy to: majaruus@tubta.org, not later than 17th June 2021.





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