Terms of Reference for Enumerators Pre-qualification – South-West (Baidoa, Hudur, El-barde, Diinsor, Barawe and Marka), Jubbaland (Afmadow, Belet-Hawo, Luuq and Dollow), Hirshabele (Jowhar and Bula Burte), Galmadug (Adaado and Galkacyo), Somalia


Terms of Reference for Enumerators Pre-qualification – South-West (Baidoa, Hudur, El-barde, Diinsor, Barawe and Marka), Jubbaland (Afmadow, Belet-Hawo, Luuq and Dollow), Hirshabele (Jowhar and Bula Burte), Galmadug (Adaado and Galkacyo), Somalia


Terms of Reference for Enumerators Pre-qualification

Assignment Terms of Reference for Pre-qualification of enumerators
Sector Education, Governance, and livelihood,
Location South-West (Baidoa, Hudur, El-barde, Diinsor, Barawe and Marka), Jubbaland (Afmadow, Belet-Hawo, Luuq and Dollow), Hirshabele (Jowhar and Bula Burte), Galmadug (Adaado and Galkacyo).
Closing date for the Application 5th June, 2021
The Prequalified List Will Be Valid Until 30th April 2023


FCA works to enable people to break the circle of poverty and violence. We are a rights-based actor, a Finnish organization with 70 years of experience, with operations in 15 countries. FCA is Finland’s largest NGO in development cooperation and second largest provider of disaster relief. Our action is guided by international human rights standards and principles. FCA realize our mission and vision through development cooperation, humanitarian assistance and advocacy work. We contribute to positive change by supporting people in the most vulnerable situations within fragile and disaster-affected areas. FCA considers three thematic areas as central to sustainable change: the right to peace (R2P), livelihood (R2L) and quality education (R2QE). FCA Somalia Program has been working under a right to peace thematic areas since 2008 including governance and reconciliation projects and later has expanded in quality education (R2QE) thematic area.



The primary objective is to get qualified enumerators to support in undertaking assessments, surveys and routing data collection, registration, distribution, community mobilization activities initiated by FCA in select regions of Somalia. The main tasks that enumerators will be responsible are the data collection of all facets of assessments, including rapid needs assessment, PDMs, KAP surveys, baseline surveys, Mid-Term Reviews and Final evaluations.

Hence, FCA is looking to recruit 5 experienced local researchers (data collectors) per location to undertake both quantitative and qualitative data collection with highest quality measures.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Through training, develop sufficient comprehension of the programs, research protocol, ethical requirements, the study population and the study tools.
  • Work with project teams to mobilize communities for interviews and discussions.
  • Collect data by using structured interviews with the sampled respondents and service providers using pre-developed questionnaires.
  • Facilitate qualitative interviews – Key informant Interviews (KIIs) and Focus Group Discussion (FGDs).
  • Ensure completeness of forms for accuracy and consistency after the data collection.
  • Ensure data quality and sampling protocols by accurately and strictly following the guide/survey tools used for the specific data collection.
  • Ensure proper and accurate transcription of information gathered through interviews and Focus Group Discussion (FGDs).
  • Ensure to collect accurate and the quality data by reviewing and editing the collected data by checking of all intentional and unintentional errors daily.
  • Maintain effective teamwork and excellent communication with both the team leader and all other data collectors during fieldwork.
  • Maintain effective communication with key staff to provide an update on the progress and challenges in the field and seek guidance on the way forward.
  • Participate in data quality check exercises soon after data collection and have a close look at missing and error reported data.
  • Ensuring that the on-going daily reporting on data collection progress for the research are kept up-to-date.
  • Hand in assignments as instructed by the team leader and any other notes on observations made during the interviews.
  • Report all the problems encountered by the team leader and during the debriefing sessions.
  • Represent FCA professionally and correctly for the assignments in all the target districts.
  • Support the program team with registration of project beneficiaries, distributions of support to beneficiaries and community mobilization.

Skills and Qualification

  • At least a High School certificate or Diploma.
  • Prior experience in conducting field research work using participatory approaches in different locations in the country is essential.
  • He/she must be a Somali national
  • Prior experience in interviewing and facilitating FDGs (Focus Group Discussions) and in-depth interviews
  • Must have considerable knowledge of the Somali culture and context
  • Excellent knowledge of English and Somali (Essential).
  • Displays exemplary positive behaviors for consistency, predictability and reliability at work to complete assignments and meet deadlines.
  • Extensive knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet software (Word, Excel).
  • Experience and knowledge on mobile data collection (Kobo Collect, ODK, ONA, etc.)


  • Submit clean and completed data collection forms.
  • Collect clean and completed data screening during data entry.
  • Clearly and well-written notes from KIIs and FGDs.
  • Complete translation of English to Somali and Vis Versa.
  • Field data collection summary report clearly highlighting challenges, learning and recommendations.

Scope of Work and working conditions:

The selected Enumerators will work in FCA Somalia operations and will primarily be based in her/his below preferred regions of residence. If successful, the engagements will be based on a “need for work” basis and remuneration will be paid based on the tasks carried out. The enumerator may not work or be reimbursed for days beyond the maximum approved work days without prior written approval from MEAL Team Leader/Project Manager.


Time Frame

The selected enumerators will be active until 30th April 2023 depending on performance and decision of FCA management.

Application process:

Please apply by using recruitment.soco@kua.fi no later than on 5th June, 2021. Applicants will be short-listed and contacted for an interview on a progressive basis.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

FCA practices zero tolerance against concerning aid diversion and illegal actions and may screen [contractor/external party name] (i.e., applicants, contracts, suppliers, consultants, etc.) against international lists to ensure due diligence and compliance with Anti-money laundering and Combating the Financing of terrorism requirements). FCA’s Child Safeguarding Policy applies to all FCA staff.





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