Terms of Reference (TOR) “Entrepreneurship Skill Training – Mogadishu, Somalia

SOS Children’s Villages Somalia

Terms of Reference (TOR) “Entrepreneurship Skill Training – Mogadishu, Somalia

Terms of Reference

“Entrepreneurship Skill Training- –advertisement:

NAME AND ADDRESS OF FIRM Date: 17th June 2021

 SOS CV Somalia kindly requests you to submit your proposal for services of entrepreneurship training for one year (may be extended for additional year) as detailed in annex 1 of this RFP. When preparing your request, please be guided by the form attached herewith as Annex 2 and pay attention to the conditions on this form.

Proposals should be sent through this email procurement@sossomalia.org on or before 28June 2021, latest at 4pm.

Make sure that your proposal reaches the email above on or before the deadline. Proposals that are received by SOS Children’s Villages Somalia after the deadline indicated above for whatever reason shall not be considered for evaluation.

Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the services mentioned above:

Preferred Currency of Quotation ·         US Dollar
Deadline for the submission of quotation 28th June 2021, latest at 4pm


All documentations, including catalogs, instructions, and operating manuals, shall be in this language ·         English 



Documents to be submitted ·         A technical proposal detailing- understanding of the Call for Proposal, methodology and approaches, CVs of the team leaders, technical reference of previous similar works and detailed training work plan 

·         Financial proposal detailing budget breakdown

·          Reporting timeframe

·         Registration of the firm or organization

·         At least two reports of similar assignments in the last one year.

Period of validity of quotes starting the submission Date ·         Bids shall be valid for one year
Payment Terms ·          Two weeks after invoice submission and service delivery or milestones.
Evaluation Criteria ·         Technical responsiveness, full compliance to requirements and reasonable price
Type of contract to be signed ·         Framework agreement.
Special conditions of contract ·         Cancellation of agreement if the delivery/ completion is delayed 

·         Service shall provide to SOS with proper invoice upon completion of service.

Condition for release of payment ·         Written acceptance of final training based on full compliance with RFP requirements and service completion
Annexes to this RFP ·         Type of service/ purchase (Annex1) 

·         Form of submission of Ptoposal (Annex 2)


SOS Children’s Villages Somalia is a social development organization, focusing on the care and support of orphans and vulnerable children. We support families and communities to build their capacity to protect and care for their children, through our Family Strengthening Programmes. Where children have already lost the care of their biological family, we offer long-term family-based care through our SOS Children’s Villages Somalia. In these ways, we support orphans and vulnerable children to be able to grow in a caring family environment. SOS Somalia upholds the rights of children and youth and works towards protecting their rights.


SOS Children’s Villages Somalia is implementing ‘The Next Economy project phase 1&II” which empowering the skilled youth from universities or technical institutes who particularly have challenges to connect to the labour market or lack of opportunities to get internship placement or decent jobs. With an innovative approach, we hope to inspire, train, coach and facilitate youth to- Prepare them, in cooperation with the public and private sector for a decent job or internship. The donor of the project is SOS Children’s Village Iceland and Netherland respectively.

  1. Purpose of Entrepreneurship Training

SOS Children’s’ Village Somalia will contract a training provider Training Centre) to train youth each batch (50%M-50%F) on entrepreneurship skills. The purpose of the youth entrepreneurial skills training is to equip youth – entrepreneurs with interpersonal and business building skills that he/she can start and manage their own small business. The training targeted youth from next economy project currently completing phase 1 and 2 course make it work track.

  • Entrepreneurship skill Training Content
  • Module 01: Inspiration Booster
  • Module 02: Creative Co-creation
  • Module 03: Understanding your Customer
  • Module 04: Understanding your Market
  • Module 05: Value Proposition & Business Model Canvas
  • Module 06: Operations
  • Module 07: Marketing & Branding
  • Module 08: (Part 1&2) Finance
  • Module 09: Crowd funding Canvas
  • Module 10: Legal Consideration
  • Module 11: Action Plan
  • Module 12: Pitch Preparation
  • Module 13: Jury Event
  1. Training Time Frame

Each training will have a duration of two month minimum, and two and half months maximum. The training centre/business hub should have capacity of accommodating and engaging 20- 30 youths at the same time. The trainees will attend the training two days every week. Training provider should have conducive training halls/classes and experienced trainers on this subject. Furthermore, training provider should support SOS youth coaches’ space that they use to conduct youth coaching sessions/business mentoring.

  1. Training Methodology should be:

The training will include techniques to enhance understanding such as power point presentation, discussions and group work. Session should be participatory to improve learning and strengthen partnership among participants. Following techniques expected to be used upon delivering the training:

  1. Participatory and interactive
  2. Use mini-lecturing/ trainees centred method
  3. Use demonstration and simulation materials
  4. Group work/discussion and individual activities
  5. Conducive space for training participants
  6. Take youth attendance and share SOS Youth coaches.
  7. Submission of Monthly training report (as agreed)

vii. Qualification and Experience

The following are minimum requirements for the training providers to be considered for carrying out this assignment.

  1. Should submit updated organization profile including relevant past experience and registration certificate of the organization.
  2. Technical proposal detailing the training workplan, budget breakdown and reporting timeframe
  3. Relevant past experience with similar work done
  4. The training provider must have Conducive-training center for facilitation of the training sessions.

How to Apply

SOS Children’s Village Somalia invites technical and financial proposals from qualified firms’ applications from interested candidates should present and an application, as follows:

  1. A technical application detailing- understanding of the Call for Proposal, methodology and approaches, CVs of the team leaders and technical reference of pervious similar works.
  2. A financial proposal with detailed budget taking considering the details in the Call for Proposal and timelines therein.
  3. Registration of the firm or organization
  4. At least two reports of similar assignments in the last one year.

Application Procedures

Interested firms/Institutions who meet the conditions specified herein are invited to submit their technical and financial proposals including proposed training content & plan, CVs of leader firm(s) and a clear demonstration of understanding and interpretation of this Terms of Reference (TOR) to the procurement Email on: procurement@sossomalia.org and indicate in Entrepreneurship  Skill Training for NEXT ECONOMIC PROJECT PHASE I &II the subject line of the e-mail, to reach us not later than 28th  June 2021.






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