TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) For Sputum sample transportation from Peripheral satellite sites to Puntland Sites, Somalia

World Vision

TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) For Sputum sample transportation from Peripheral satellite sites to Puntland Sites, Somalia


Global Fund TB Project

TOR title

Sputum sample transportation from Peripheral satellite sites to Puntland Sites


Global Fund TB Program

Start Date


End date

31/05/2022 (with an option of 19-month extension)


12 months


Puntland, Somalia


World Vison Somalia office, invites qualified suppliers to make an offer for the establishment of a Contract for the provision of sample handling and Transport (referred to hereinafter as “Services”) under the terms and condition contained herein.

World vision Somalia County office will award a Long-Term Agreement (LTA) to the best technical and financial offer, valid from 1 June 2021 to 31 May 2022 (with an option to extend an additional 19 months based on satisfactory performance according to World Vision Somalia and NTP needs in the respective Zones for handling and transportation services of sputum samples. Individual service contracts will be issued based on the LTA. World Vision Somalia has the right to issue more than one LTA for the same services.

Figures are indicative and do not represent a commitment that World vision will utilize a certain quantity. Quantities may vary and will depend on the actual requirements.


Provide transport services for TB management units supported by World Vision Somalia in respective regions and districts including physical receipt, transport and delivery of goods and accurate documentation and reporting. Below are requested services to be provided by supplier/ service provider transportation of Sputum samples from Satellite TB Management Units in all the regions and Districts to GeneXpert TB management Units.


The Service Provider will provide onward delivery from the satellite sites (TBMUS) to GeneXpert sites listed: There are 8 GeneXpert sites and 7 satellite sites in Puntland.

Details are attached below.

3.1.1 Transport Methods

All movements of goods (sample) shall be carried out by following a method, which ensures the protection thereof at all times, considering the nature of the goods and security, environmental and

climatic factors. The interior of all vehicles and containers used by the Service Provider shall be clean and sanitary and be provided with sufficient quantities of Icepacks, cool boxes and other protective materials in order to keep the samples safe and to avoid damage to the goods.

3.1.2 Transport Documentation

For each shipment, the TBMU and logistic Unit shall issue a written order to the Service Provider providing site, full address and telephone number at destination and other instructions as may be necessary.

The Service Provider shall, in all cases, supply the Satellite TB Facility with a packing list, which shall indicate for each cool box, case or container, the number of samples and net weights as well as the dimension and volume.

The Service Provider shall ensure that a Waybill covers transported goods and that the consignee signs as Proof of Delivery. Such Waybills/Proofs of Delivery will be shared with World vision upon successful delivery.

The Service Provider’s services will therefore include, but will not be limited to the following:

Road transportation services when requested by World Vision Somalia;

The transport request will be formalized by issuance of a loading order to the transporter, prior to which World would have requested the Service Provider to confirm in writing the available uplift capacity;

Upon receipt of this loading order, the Service Provider must position the trucks at the loading point within 24 hours or less upon need and exceptional cases;

Waybills shall be issued per truck for supplies loaded and must be duly signed by the consignee as proof of delivery;

The Service Provider ensures that the commodities are delivered within the agreed average transit time to destinations listed above;

World vision will endeavour to improve planning of cargo movement, enabling timely notice to Service Provider for positioning of trucks; and

World vision will endeavour to minimize delays during loading and off -loading.

3.1.3 General requirements

All losses, shortages and/or damages that occur due to poor handling will be reimbursed by the

Service Provider to World vision based on world vision agreed per frequency price or Transport again.

Service Provider should be able to mobilize staff within 24 hours’ notice or less based on emergency needs

3.1.4 Reporting

The Service Provider shall share with World vision by email on a monthly report showing items, which TB Centers has moved, frequency of samples transported and the number of samples transported.


Goods are delivered and dispatched from Respective satellite TB management Units or any of their partners in appropriate way

Transportation is arranged and carried out in a safe manner and goods are delivered on time

Emergency requests are acted on promptly (delivered from stock to site within 24 hours)

Accurate documentation is kept for all goods stored and/or transported to ensure a reliable audit trail is maintained

Monthly, itemized invoices submitted with supporting documentation (Waybills, Proofs of Delivery, and any supporting documents related to the shipment/ consignment)

Maintain cold chain transportation – at all times since sputum samples cannot be transported without it.


Long-Term Agreement to be valid for 1 year with an option to extend an additional 19 months based on satisfactory performance to world vision and its Partners led by NTPs.

Actual work will depend on the frequency of receipts and dispatches.


Service Provider will provide monthly invoices against the services provided, showing full details of the following:

The route of the services requested (from-to), showing the PO number and the volume of the shipment

mentioning the location and the type of sample, the date of requested service and the requester TB management Unit

The total value of the service based on the LTA rates


Transport service provider shall possess the below:-

Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the provision of transportation and delivery service.

Extensive experience and knowledge in handling international humanitarian NGOs shipments as well as that of local NGOs,

Locally registered Business Company with valid and renewed business license

Valid and renewed VAT registration (if applicable)

Registration from Puntland national tender board

Registration from Local government

A company able to provide appropriate transport vehicles for pharmaceuticals as well as temperature monitored cold chain trucks or delivery vans with the temperature monitoring report to be shared for each delivery of sputum sample shipments

Able to operate in all regions and districts including camps and with no restriction and able to handle to-and-from the port of entry (when required)

Able to provide recommendations on performance of service delivery.

Provide evidence for utilization of other companies’ resources through outsourcing

-Declaration Forms will be attached from TB management Unit to all concerned authorities to release from all the checkpoints

Frequency of performance review

Mid-contract review at 6 months

Submission procedures and the deadline

The bids should be received on 5.6.2021 by hardcopy and dropped to the tender box in our office.

The bids received in other means will not be considered.





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