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USR Survey M&E Specialist


The Terms of Reference outlines the necessary management and coordination duties for the collection of household socio-economic data within the Unified Social Registry (USR). The scope of this work builds on the activities of the successful design, establishment and population of the USR as one way of ensuring a well-functioning, integrated and comprehensive social protection system in Somalia envisioned in the Somalia Social Protection Policy, 2019.

The assignment’s core responsibility involves collecting high-quality socio-economic data at the household level, aligning with the Common Registration Form (CRF) of the Unified Social Registry (USR) within targeted districts nationwide.


Poverty in Somalia is widespread and aggravated by protracted humanitarian crises. With an estimated 70 percent people living below the international poverty line, many of the Somali population remains in need of assistance.  Frequent natural and man-made disasters further aggravate and deepen poverty and food insecurity; particularly when they unfold in a synergetic manner over a short period of time.

In September 2019, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) approved its Social Protection Policy with the objective to gradually transition to a nationally owned social protection system in line with Pillar 4 of the Somalia National Development Plan (NDP-9), 2020-2024. In this regard, there is a need to build more comprehensive, and context specific, programs and systems that provide support to vulnerable households. The policy lays the foundation for an inclusive social protection system and supports the development of delivery systems that are supported by inclusive data management practices. The Unified Social Registry (USR) is a social protection delivery system that supports Somalia’s development and implementation of the social protection policy.

The USR aims to establish a repository of all poor and vulnerable households in Somalia. The USR data repository will enable social programs and interventions to determine eligibility, facilitate inclusion, and enable more efficient and effective inter and intra-program coordination of both social protection actors and interventions. The USR facilitates a common registration gateway for social protection programs to adopt and leverage a uniform and systematic approach which promotes harmonization and supports maximization of coverage by eliminating cases of double targeting of the same households or double dipping by beneficiaries unless, it is deliberate or intentional by the government or any other actor based on program design.


The USR as a social protection delivery system performs the following core functions:

  • Gather and maintain information on Somalia’s poor and vulnerable citizens.
  • Facilitate a harmonized survey for the collection of data about households’ basic information and living conditions, normally called socio-economic data.
  • Enable multiple social programs and services to use the collected information for their own targeting.
  • Maintain an up-to-date registry, to the extent possible, through two-way communication with programs connected to the USR and conducting field surveys at mass level and/or through on-demand registrations at program offices and/or temporary registration points.

The USR data collection expansion builds on existing USR infrastructure and the ongoing socio-economic data collection using the Common Registration Form (CRF) to a national scale. The nationwide scale-up of data collection activities enables the government to collect socio-economic information for all accessible poor and vulnerable households in the country. It is estimated that an additional 1.8 million households will be surveyed. The rationale for a national data collection, using the door-to-door approach is to minimize the exclusions of poorest households (poverty is at 70% or more), fragmentation and duplication in targeting across different pro-poor and humanitarian programs while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of targeting across all ministries and agencies involved in social protection.

The scope of the assignment 

  • The Federal Government of Somalia, through the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA), seeks an experienced M&E Specialist to support the formulation and implementation of USR monitoring and evaluation frameworks, and for planning and overseeing the overall roll-out of national level socio-economic data collection. The M&E is expected to lead/supervise the execution of all external monitoring and evaluation exercises and continuously monitor the implementation of the USR socio-economic household data collection in targeted districts by collaborating with the data collection firm and state-level administrations.

Duties and responsibilities

The USR M&E Specialist will be responsible for the following responsibilities among others:

  1. Develop a comprehensive M&E framework specific to the nationwide socio-economic household data collection under the USR initiative. This involves creating guidelines, methodologies, and tools for effective data tracking, analysis, and reporting.
  2. Monitor and implement detailed quality assurance protocols and standard operating procedures for data collection. Ensure these protocols align with industry best practices and project-specific requirements.
  3. Work closely with data collection firms, develop and execute robust monitoring plans to oversee and track all phases of data collection activities. Ensure alignment with predetermined indicators and project goals to gauge progress accurately.
  4. Conduct routine assessments and audits to evaluate the quality, accuracy, and completeness of collected data. Formulate strategies and interventions to rectify errors or discrepancies identified during assessments.
  5. Regularly review data collection processes and methodologies based on findings from monitoring of the data collection activity in the field. Work closely with data collection firms, implement corrective actions and innovative approaches to enhance data quality, accuracy, and the efficiency of collection methods.
  6. Generate comprehensive and detailed reports analyzing M&E findings. Provide actionable insights into data quality, emerging trends, challenges encountered, and recommendations for improvement strategies.
  7. Engage and collaborate with stakeholders to communicate M&E findings effectively. Solicit feedback, incorporate suggestions, and ensure stakeholder buy-in for quality improvement initiatives derived from evaluations.
  8. Enforce strict adherence to established data collection protocols, emphasizing ethical considerations. Uphold the integrity and confidentiality of collected data throughout the entire process.
  9. Work closely with data collection firms, to proactively identify potential risks that could compromise data quality. Develop and implement mitigation strategies to address these risks, ensuring data integrity and accuracy are upheld throughout the collection process.
  10. Offer comprehensive training sessions and ongoing support to partners and field teams. Emphasize the importance of data quality control and assurance within M&E methodologies, ensuring their practical application in the field.
  11. Support technical review of Household CRF questionnaire implementation and interpretation at the field level to ensure accurate data collection.
  12. Participate in evaluations, joint review missions and research, oversee implementation of reccomendations and findings to continuously improve the project delivery.

Duration of the assignment

The successful candidate will work under a one (1) year renewable contract based on competence and approval by the Ministry of Labour and Social affair.


The USR Operations Specialist shall report to USR Coordinator within Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA).

Qualifications for M&E Specialist:

  1. Educational Background:
    • A Bachelor’s degree in development studies, economics, business administration, social studies, or a related field.

  1. Professional Experience:
    • Minimum of 10 years of progressive experience in roles directly related to social programs, community development, or development initiatives.
    • Proven track record in managing or contributing significantly to social protection programs, including hands-on involvement in data collection, analysis, or implementation of social welfare initiatives.
    • Demonstrated experience collaborating with government agencies, NGOs, or international organizations on social development projects, preferably in complex settings similar to Somalia.
  2. Hands-on Experience:
    • Proficiency in utilizing relevant software, databases, or tools for data collection, analysis, and reporting within social programs.
    • Experience conducting impactful training sessions or workshops aimed at capacity building within community-based organizations or government entities.
  3. Communication Skills:
    • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills in English. Proficiency in Somali or other local languages is highly advantageous for effective engagement with diverse stakeholders.
    • Ability to articulate complex concepts clearly and adapt communication style to suit various audiences, including community leaders, government officials, and donors.
    • Proven ability to prepare comprehensive reports, and presentations tailored for diverse stakeholders.

  1. Additional Skills:
    • Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data, identify trends, and provide actionable recommendations to improve program effectiveness.
    • Adaptability and demonstrated capacity to thrive in dynamic, fostering collaboration and teamwork.
    • Leadership qualities, including the ability to lead teams, provide guidance, and effectively collaborate to achieve project objectives.
    • Familiarity with technological advancements and their potential application in enhancing social protection systems, demonstrating an innovative approach to program improvement.

How to apply:

Confidential applications can be addressed to and copy with only a Cover Letter and Curriculum vitae (CV) in WORD .doc or. docx format must be delivered, by 1500 hours of 16th February 2024.

Applications addressed exclusively to the one of the above email addresses would not be considered.





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